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Color Your World – Black


Color Your World – Black

Color your World: Black


This is a fun challenge, featuring all the colors made by Crayola. It is hosted by Jennifer, of Tourmaline. You can join in at any time, see other entries, and see what all the colors coming up in the weeks ahead will be.

Click the above link to find out details.

Thanks, Jennifer! 🙂


Today’s CYW is for the color black.

Since black is my favorite color, besides sky blue, I had many photos to choose from, but here are just a few:

  • Black Crayola Crayon
  • Black information chart – Hue Family is black
  • My simple drawing of a rectangle with the word black in the middle with dots around the edges
  • A bottle I painted black and decorated with Halloween things, (Zombie Brew label, a mummy, & a spider)
  • A black bar-be-que grill out on our driveway
  • Orion – my daughter’s black cat
  • My painting of a black & white husky dog



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