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For day # 12, we are supposed to write to a specific word count, trying to make it a bit different than our usual posts. So, if we usually write a long post, we should try to do a short one, and if we usually write a short post, we should try to write longer. Or we could alter an already written piece to reflect this, if we want to.

Anyway, I think most of mine are usually medium to long, so I am trying a 50-word count piece. I’m no stranger to the short, micro-fiction type of writing, as I do the Friday Phrases over on Twitter every week. You can only write a story/phrase within the confines of a 140-character tweet. Those are lots of fun to do. Here then, is my 50 word story…


Winter looms. They fly in under cover of a dark night in Autumn. The midnight moon casts shadows on the silvery pond far below. Silent stars guide them from above. Hundreds of their kind circle gracefully into the water, murmuring relief. Their southward journey is complete. The geese have arrived.


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