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photo of my Egyptian cat necklace (from the Luxor in Las Vegas NV)


There it was. The men held their breaths, as they ran their eyes over the sarcophagus. Mr. Carter leaned forward, a bit hesitant now, to enter the chamber where no man had been in centuries. Behind him, his companions were esurient for a closer look, as they jostled each other.

It was futile to delay any longer; he stepped inside. Taking his brambly whisk broom, he brushed it carefully along the side of the tomb, noting the Egyptian hieroglyphic inscriptions carved into the stone. There were many depictions of Bastet, the exalted cat goddess.

Next, Mr. Carter used his microlith to loosen the seals along the edge. Then, sliding the lid over, an ancient sillage of balsam and lotus lightly permeated the still air. The three men then lifted the lid off, completely. They were stunned.

Jewels glittered in the feral eyes of a cat’s mummy, as it stared into the nothingness of it’s afterlife.


This was for this week’s Wordle, in which we take a list of given words, using at least ten of them to create a story. The words this time were: microlith (a tiny stone tool), forward, futile, nothingness, glitter, eyes, breath, feral, esurient (hungry/greedy), sillage (perfume’s fragrance lingering in air), bramble, exalt.



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