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The first prompt for the first day of Just Jot It January is the word Persnickety.

This month’s blog challenge is brought to you by Linda G. Hill and you can find her page here


The word Persnickety is a funny one. It means to be fussy, stuck-up, snobbish, and overly concerned with attention to details.

I’ve always heard this word used, also, to mean very picky about what someone does, or their likes or dislikes.

I don’t think I’m very persnickety at all. I’m not picky about much of anything. I feel I take things as they come, and make the best of it.

I do like to play around with words, sometimes. I like to de-construct them, look up definitions, re-arrange the letters, make anagram words, and make up new definitions for them. So, if I happened to get another cat, I might call him Nic. That’s because the word persnickety reminds me of a cat…. Purrs – nic – kitty  =^..^=

What do you think of the word persnickety? Funny or a bad term for a person?


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Here’s a little story I made up, using words from an online scrabble game called “Words With Friends”. These are fun to do…I just try to use all the words that have been played…try to make them fit into a quick little story. The words in bold are the words from the game. Enjoy!


Cue intro music and cool graphics…

“Good evening fans. Here it is Friday night, and we are swamped with updates here in our studio.

As always, we don’t try to demean anyone here…we’re just reporting the news as it happens. We oft get complaints from people who flip their wigs over our reg. news content. I say, if you can’t take a jab at someone as a joke, then Bro, you’re bent outta shape. This is raw and in your face. I don’t give a fig what anyone thinks.

So, without further ado, Lee will start us off with our first story.”

“Hi, Lee, what is our top story of the night?

“Ed, it would be the drag event, held at the ER disco ballroom, last evening. It was supposed to be a stag party for the groom to be, a foreigner by the name of Chine Zoa. The ETA of this shindig was to be 7 p.m. Everyone was to come dressed in drag. A Drag/Stag party. Well, the ballroom was set up nice, but the management nixed the addition of slot machines.

Then, Mike, the best man, threw dye into the decorative fountain, that turned the water as green as clover. The manager hies to the scene, and as he’s yelling at everyone, Ti and Qi, the twin viola players, hired for musical tunes, jump into the fountain. This caused a riot, as they can’t swim and needed to have the life bouys thrown in to save them.

There was chaos and looting, and it was not contained until midnight.”

“That was the highlight of our news cast. Thank you, Lee. We bid you adieu. Tune in tomorrow for more of…

Cue dramatic exit music and cool graphics…

The Exposer!!”