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What Book Am I Reading This Week?


What Book Am I Reading This Week?


Book jacket is yellow with a large red tomato in the middle (Title is in red letters)

“The $64 Tomato”, by William Alexander.

I’ve had this book a long time and got it at a used book store. I thought I’d read it before, but seems I hadn’t.

It’s pretty good and easy to read. There are some funny parts, and a bit of gardening tips.

The author recounts his family’s move to a ramshackle old house, and their attempts to renovate it. Meanwhile he has taken up growing fruits and vegetables, and also flowers on their three acres of land.

He has no idea of what he is doing at first, but he learns by trial and error. This leads to some funny outcomes, with his ‘crops’, and also dealing with garden pests, and also house contractor problems along the way.

The blurb on the book jacket says: “How One Man Nearly Lost His Sanity, Spent a Fortune, and Endured an Existential Crisis in the Quest for the Perfect Garden”

It is a fun read. 🙂


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