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What Happened to Old Clothes? – NaNoPoblano 2019 – Day # 9


What Happened to Old Clothes? – NaNoPoblano 2019 – Day # 9






You know, sometimes I get to thinking about some of the clothes I’ve had over the years, and wondering whatever happened to them. I don’t still have them, so where did they go?

If they were totally worn out, I’m sure I threw them away. If I was just tired of them, and they were still good, I know I donated them to the thrift stores collections.

But others, I just don’t know.

I remember some for liking them a lot, or because of some memory they hold. For two examples, I had a couple of dresses I hated. This was back when I was in elementary school. I didn’t have much choice in my clothes back then, as my mom bought them, so I wore them.

One was a pretty sky blue shift type dress, with shoulder epaulets of a multi-color fabric. It was okay, but I got teased from other kids that it made me look like a football player with big shoulders. I tried not to wear it very much.

Another was blue and white, dropped waist with plaid. It had a little collar and a plaid tie in front. That was another I didn’t like, because I figured girls didn’t wear ties. I (in secret) yanked on that tie until it ripped the whole thing apart. Never had to wear it again.

Years later, I sewed my own clothes after I learned how. I liked all of them, as they were my own creation. I got to choose the pattern and fabric. I even combined patterns to make original, new kinds of clothes.

I had one dress I really liked, but it got stolen. This was after I was married. I wore it to a relative’s house we were visiting for a week or so. I know who did it – my husband’s cousin – but I couldn’t prove it.

Another thing got stolen off the clothesline. It was a black t-shirt that I’d done fabric painting on, of feathers, and added embellishments of real feathers and beads. A neighborhood kid stole it. Couldn’t prove that either, but his sister told me he did.

Anyway, it’s interesting what remains in our memories.


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