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Fibbing Friday – Mixed Bag Q & A


Fibbing Friday – Mixed Bag Q & A

These are fun questions we’re supposed to answer in any kind of silly, wrong, or outrageous ways. Just for fun!



1. What’s a cyclops? *** A clop is a sound a horse makes when he is walking. There once was a horse named Cy, and he did a lot of clopping, so they named it after him.

2. What’s next in this sequence? Y, G, B, B,  *** There was a chain of variety stores called T. G. & Y, a long time ago. They’ve since gone out of business, so the B B means Bye-Bye.

3. Patty has 4 apples and Pete pinched a pair. What do Patty and Pete have now? *** Bruised cheeks. This sounds like a math puzzle – I don’t do math puzzles.

4. How would an alien describe sheep? *** Fluffy clouds on the ground.

5. What is Fool’s Gold? *** It’s a crayon. The color is gold, but it will fool you by turning another color without notice.

6. Ginger, Scary, Posh, Sporty and Baby were the original Spice Girls. If you were to audition to be a sixth Spice, what would you be and why? Guys you can answer this one too! *** I’d be Spirit Spice – I’d bring a lot of spirit to the group, and if it bombed, I’d disappear since I’m a ghost.

7. Why are traditional teapots brown? *** Because if you turn the word around to ‘pot-tea’ you’ll know why. Nobody wants to see those kinds of stains.

8. What are the Winds of Change? *** Zephyrs – they swirl around leaving magic in their wake.

9. What is an amaryllis? *** A girl who lives in Amarillo TX is known as an amayrllis.

10. What are blues and twos? *** The sounds that shoes make – a squeaky, yet mournful sound.


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Haunted Coffee Table – Another Story of My Grandma’s Haunted House


Haunted Coffee Table – Another Story of My Grandma’s Haunted House


This is one more story I have about my Grandma’s Haunted House. I wrote this one on July 28, 2014.

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Have you ever seen a normal household object in your house fly through the air on it’s own? I have on many occasions. As long as I can remember, I’ve been drawn to the paranormal realm. I know there are many unexplainable occurances in the world, and I really believe they are from another dimension, or a parallel universe, from outer space, or even a ghost.

With this post, I’ll begin relating some of my most memorable experiences with the supernatural.


Flying objects have been pretty consistant in my experience. First at my grandma’s house, then in my own homes.  My grandmother was the 13th child in her family. When I was growing up, she lived around the corner from us – the adddress was 1313 xyz Street. Her house was haunted. I don’t know if all the 13 numbers had anything to do with it, but it did make it more interesting.

On many occasions, when I was at her house, just sitting there in the living room, things would fly off the coffee table for no reason we could see. Things like a candy dish, a magazine, or an ashtray would slide, jump, or fly off it. We did not make this happen. We didn’t know when it would happen, it just did. It got pretty commonplace to see this happening off and on through the years.

I know there were unseen entities in that house. We could feel their presence, and see what they did. I never actually saw an apparition, but did see things move about, and hear strange noises there. Later on, my grandma moved into another house, taking some of her furniture with her. That coffee table was one of the pieces she kept. I think something was attached to it and came along to the new place, because the occurances of flying objects continued there, also.

My aunt still has that coffee table in her house, now. I took a picture of it recently, but didn’t see anything strange about it. I know it has secrets, though. It is off to the left, in front of the dustcloth covered couch. She’s never said if anything weird happens with it now.

In future posts, I will tell of more flying objects I’ve seen … at my own house! I will, also tell more true stories of my encounters with the paranormal.

Have you had any weird experiences like this? What are your thoughts on the unexplained? I’d love to hear your stories!

The coffee table is in front of the sheet covered couch in this photo. It is dark brown, with slats, and it is fairly long. You can click the photo to enlarge.

haunted coffee table

haunted coffee table


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GUARDIANSfrogs 022

We are old

We are wise

We have been here from the beginning of days

We will be here at the end of days

We are all knowing

We are all seeing

We hold the knowledge of the universe in our souls

We are your guardians…

We are your friend

We are your enemy

We are your nightmare

We are your wildest dream come true…

We will consume you

We will spit you out

We are your everything

We are your nothingness…

We own you

We spend you

We love you

We despise you…

We will reward you with riches untold

We will destroy all you hold dear

We will shower you with refreshing rain

We will scorch you

We don’t care…

We know you

We adore you

We hate you

We will live on within you

We course through your veins

We commandeer your brain…

We give your life purpose

We shatter your ego

We exalt your spirit

We plunge you into despair…

We laugh at your hopes

We scorn your paltry efforts

We shine the light of love upon you

We call forth the abyss of darkness to envelop you

We cause you to break apart

We cause you to fracture into a million shards of humanity…

We forgive you

We build you up

We promise you

We give you strength…

We are watching you

We are waiting to obliterate you

We cause your death

We rejoice at your rebirth

We are your reality and reason

We are your insanity…

We are your infinity

We are your yin/yang

We are life

We are all knowing

We are old

We are wise

We are your Guardians always and forever…


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