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Reflection on A to Z Blog Challenge 2019


Reflection on a to Z Blog Challenge 2019


Now that the A to Z Blog Challenge 2019 is finished, we are to reflect back on our journey through the alphabet, as we did, one day at a time.

This was my 6th time to participate, and it was just as fun and interesting as it was every other time.

I didn’t have a dedicated theme to my posts this year, but posted a variety of topics, from true ghost stories to funny word definitions. A few of my posts were brand new, but most had been written a long time ago on here, but almost no one came to visit, or commented, or even pushed the like button on them. So, why not post them again to see what would happen this time around.

Well, I had a wonderful response from my readers! Thanks so much for your support. I appreciate it very much.

I enjoyed visiting the posts of those others who were taking part in the A to Z this year, too. There are so many talented and interesting people who blog out there, and never enough time to get around to every single one that was on the sign up list. So many of my regular blogging friends were also doing this challenge, it was all I could manage to visit them, if not every day, then at least a few times.


For next year’s April A to Z, I will probably participate again. I may or may not have a certain theme, but I’m leaning toward that, as it seems easier to know beforehand what you will be posting about. As it is, we have almost a whole year to come up with something fun and new for a theme.


All in all, I love this challenge, and plan on doing it again next year!


Mystery Box Chickens say, “Thank you for visiting! We did it! See you next April! Bye 4 Now!”

Mystery Box Chickens

The Mystery Box Chickens thank you for stopping by for a visit, and wish you a happy year ahead! They will take a little break, then will be hard at work on next April’s A to Z! See you then. 🙂



Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

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