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April Squares 2020 – Day # 27 – Tree Top Flop & Video


April Squares 2020 – Day # 27 – Tree Top Flop & Video

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April is a month of squares, hosted by Becky. The theme is ‘top’, and all photos must be squared.

To join in, and to see other entries, just click the above link.

Thanks so much, Becky, for hosting this fun challenge. 🙂


This is a photo from in front of our house. A few weeks ago one of the trees flopped down. The whole top broke off the trunk. We couldn’t see any reason for it. We’d not had any strong wind or storms the night before, but there it was, just a broken tree top in the road. We did call the city to let them know it was blocking the road a bit, and they came out and cleared it up.


“Timber I’m Falling In Love”, by Patty Loveless.


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