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Love Is In Da Blog 2020 – Cupid


Love Is In Da Blog – Cupid



Love Is In Da Blog 2020 Day 14: On Valentine’s Day, it has to be about Cupid & Prompt for Day 15

Love Is In Da Blog 2020 ~ “A Music Festival” is back!

Bee, of The Bee Writes, has a fun month of prompts for February! It’s all about love & music. Sounds fun…thanks, Bee!

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Today’s prompt is by Jim of A Unique Title For Me and is “Cupid” or as I put it “On Valentine’s Day, it has to be about Cupid”. Thanks Jim for this lovely prompt.



Happy Valentine’s Day!


Okay, sometimes it seems like a race to see who gets to post a song first among the challenge participants. I know it’s all for the fun of listening to the music, though. Such was the case today. I first had the Connie Fransis song, “Stupid Cupid” all ready to go. And then I had this one, “Cupid” ready to go. However, others posted them first.

So, I’m going with the same songs, but by different artists. I like all the versions, myself.

Jim, who suggested this topic today posted the original, with lots of interesting information included about the song and also about Cupid. You can find his here: https://jimadamsauthordotcom.wordpress.com/2020/02/14/draw-back-your-bow/

And Mel, at Caramel (Learner at Love) posted the Connie Fransis song, and can be found here: https://crushedcaramel.wordpress.com/2020/02/14/stop-picking-on-me/


“Cupid”, by Johnny Rivers, is a song written by Sam Cooke in 1961. Rivers cover was released in 1964.


“Stupid Cupid”, by Mandy Moore. It can be found on the 2001 soundtrack album, “The Princess Diaries”, on the Walt Disney label.


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