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Cee’s Odd-Ball Photo Challenge & Update on Lucky 7


Cee’s Odd-Ball Photo Challenge & Update on Lucky 7 

Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: February 18, 2018


So, I posted about the playing card I found all by itself in a parking lot. It was the 7 of hearts.  I was asked to say if it brought any luck.

Well, as for lottery scratch-offs, we did win a bit here and there, a few small amounts, and a couple that were worth $100, So that was lucky.  Can’t really think of anything else that happened you’d call lucky.


Now, here’s something silly. I usually read a book while I’m eating, and have a book stand for it. I got everything situated, then looked up to begin reading. I’d accidentally put the book upside down! Of course I had to take a picture of the ‘oops’. 🙂


One more odd-ball I saw today was this sign. Makes me wonder if Sunday is not included in ‘every day’!


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SpunoW – Just Jot it January 2017 – Tingle



#JusJoJan Daily Prompt – Jan. 12th/17

Today the prompt word to use is ‘tingle’.

The Just Jot It January 12th prompt, brought to you by Tessa of the blog Always A Writer, is: “Tingle.” Use it any way you’re inspired to. And make sure you stop by and say hi to Tessa as well! Here’s her blog: https://finallyawriter.com/




What do you think that means?

We were at the store yesterday, waiting to check out at the counter. You know how they have all the tempting candies stacked up by the register? Well, I kept looking at one, and it spelled SpunoW. I couldn’t figure out what kind of candy it was. Then, I got a little tingle of excitement, because I was thinking, yay, a new kind to try. Maybe it is made of marshmallow fluff or something. I finally picked it up to see. To my surprise, the package was turned upside down.  When I turned it right side up, it spelled the name of a regular candy I’ve seen many times. (it was in a different, larger package though).

So, turn the word SpunoW around and you get Mounds! haha I couldn’t stop giggling. 🙂



photo found on Wikipedia


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