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No Peeking


No Peeking


So, my eyes are burning and tired alredy this morning, and I’m just going to close tem…yeah….alredy closed. I’m typing this all without peeking, except for a little bit. Have to see where the publish button is at the end, and go to the peace sign symbol place to get the little copy, but that’s all.

There will \probably be some mess ups, but mostly I know wehre all the letter keys on the keuyboard are with oout looking. I learned tis many many years ago.

We had an old manual Underwood typewriter…a big clunky old thing that I leanred to tope on when I ws a kid. There were little caps we put on top of all the letters to hide them. We did have a cheat chart though in case we needed it.

Anyway, to rest my eyes, I’m doing this without looking much. Nothing is going on here this moring. We had a tiny bit of thunder, but I don’t think it more than sprinkled earlier.

The mister is watching TV and going from one channel to another with American Pickers, to Friends, to whatever else.

I’ve had my coffee, and iced tea …need to get some more.  Breakfast is long gone and dishes done too.

I don’t know what I’ll post today. I did the Flower of the Day one already…now what? I mostly never know. Oh, I need to go listen to some songs songs…from yesterday’s Song LyricSunday posts. That’s always fun to do.

I wonder how many words I’ve tuyped already? Does it look like a lot or not? I’m still resisting peeking at this for a little longer.

I took a tiny peek out the back door (not y\my tuyping) and the baby kitties are out there playing in the yard, and climbng on the scratching post. They are so cute!!!


WEll, maybe this is enough for now, and I’ll think of a real post about something in a little while.

Here’s wishing you all a fun and interesting day!


Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

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