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This is day three of my posts for the ‘Seven Days of Nature Challenge’. I was happy to be invited by Tildy, at The Beespeak (Life Lessons from the Beeline) to participate. Check out her blog, and lovely photos here

We are to post a nature photo each day, for 7 days. These are mine for today. 🙂


IMG_2548 IMG_2550

First is a tarantula. I took this picture when we visited Ft. Davis, in south Texas. The large spider was walking along in the parking lot at our hotel, the Indian Lodge. We named him Terry. He was a cool dude. 🙂

Next is a prairie dog. Here in town we have what we call Prairie Dog Town. It is a large field, where there are lots of the little critters. People come out to see them and listen to them bark. They’re really cute, and actually they can be found all over town. We even had one in our back yard once or twice.


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When you ride your horse to the grocery store, do you have trouble finding a parking spot?

If you live in my city, you won’t have any problems. The local grocery store has provided a hitching post for shopper’s convenience.  Now you have a special place to leave your horse, while you shop.

The hitching post is on a grassy area right next to the car parking lot. It isn’t unusual to see people riding their horses down the street, or around Imagethe playa lake by our house. It’s no different, seeing a horse patiently waiting, there at the grocery store hitching post.

So get your boots on, saddle up, and ride on over. For a closer look at how a modern city keeps it’s ties with the old west, watch a short video and learn how it all came about.