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Knife Neighbors – FOWC – Neighbor


Knife Neighbors -FOWC – Neighbor

FOWC with Fandango — Neighbor


I’ve written a lot about our neighbors, and neighborhood, so this time I’ll tell you a true Ghost Story. This really happened.


One more true story about teleportation…


Have you ever lost something, only to have it reappear, years later?

This item I lost was a knife. It was an ordinary, inexpensive, paring knife. I had not packed it away, or just forgotten about using it, but one I used almost every day. I’d had this knife for quite a while, and it was my favorite, because it was easy to use, a good fit for my hand, and was excellent for peeling potatoes.

Then one day, as I went to get it from the drawer it was kept in, I couldn’t find it. I looked everywhere, even in other places, but it was gone. Over the years, I never quit looking for it…hoping it was just misplaced, and I’d find it someday. There were other knives that I could use, and did use, but none as good as that one. I’d pretty much come to the conclusion that it must have been accidentally been thrown out by mistake.

Then, this past year, it re-appeared. I opened the drawer to get a knife, and there it was, right on top of all the other knives…just like it had always been, before. It was like it had never gone missing, at all. I stared at it for a minute.

How did it come back? Where had it been, all these years? Why did it come back, now? Maybe, my parallel universe ‘neighbor’ had teleported the knife over to them, and had been using the knife for awhile. Had it been in their kitchen? Were ‘they’ missing the knife now, like I had?

Very strange…I suppose I’ll never really know for sure, but I’m happy it came back. I use it all the time.

The knife


**note – first posted in 2015


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My True Ghost Story for Halloween


My True Ghost Story for Halloween  


This is a true ghost story. It happened in the house we live in now.


Levitate, levitation, levitating…to rise or float in the air esp. in seeming defiance of gravitation; the act or process of levitating – esp. the rising or lifting of a person or thing by means held to be supernatural.

Our bedroom mirror levitated…by itself!

We’ve lived here in this house for quite a few years, now, and we are only the second family to have lived here. We met the previous owners, and they are not weird, and no horrible thing ever occurred in this house, that we were made aware of. It’s just that the paranormal seems to follow me around, no matter which house I’m in.

The mirror in question, was a used one…one of those kind of tall ones that fit onto a dresser. It wasn’t bolted on, though, just propped up against the wall, and dresser top. The dresser was covered with all kinds of junk that accumulates, such as papers, bills, a glass lazy-susan that held coins, pens, watches, and miscellaneous items. There was a box of papers, a piggy bank, a belt, some cards…well, the whole top was covered in stuff.

I was sitting in the dining room, doing some scrap booking. The bedroom where the mirror was, was one wall away and in front of me. We have four cats, but they were all sleeping in the far back bedroom. It was quiet in the house…no TV on, no music playing. Suddenly, I hear a terrible crash coming from the bedroom. I went to see what it was. I found that the mirror had fallen onto the carpeted floor, and shattered.

What was so strange was that absolutely nothing in the bedroom or on top of the dresser had been disturbed at all! Not one thing had fallen off to the floor. There was no way the mirror could have just fallen frontwards in the first place, because of all the stuff on the top of the dresser. It couldn’t have slipped from the bottom, either, as it would have knocked off the stuff.

All I can believe, is that somehow, the only way…the only way this happened, was that the mirror levitated itself, going up and over the things, silently, then turned itself sideways to the dresser, then crashed down onto the floor. That’s when I heard the crash! I ran in, and saw it laying on the floor, sideways to the dresser, mirror glass side down…on carpet. The sound of breaking glass had been loud, though!

What is also surprising, is that it did not scare me at all. I was just like, well, gotta clean up the glass shards. I’ve gotten so used to objects flying around the houses I’ve been in, that it has become the normal thing. I had a bit of a time, trying to get that mirror up off the floor, as it was pretty heavy. I couldn’t just lift it up and take it out. I had to drag it all the way through the house and out to the garage. It stayed out there for a long, long time; we just recently got rid of it. Nothing else ever happened with it.

That incident was only one of several, here in this house. I’ll tell more in another post, and also things that happened in other houses I’ve lived in.

Hope your household goods stay put, because mine sure don’t!

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Happy Halloween! 🙂

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Toy Ghost

Puzzle piece that was missing – now found

So, most of you know I love talking about ghosts, and writing about my true ghost stories. Well, my resident ghost has been up to silly tricks again. Ghost likes to take things for awhile, then gives them back. There’s been lots of incidents like this in the past. Most of these are just harmless things to take notice of, or be annoyed by them.

This latest one is of the ‘scratch your head – why’ variety. Here’s the scene:

The living room – we find that a cat toy is missing. This is a cotton-stuffed, fabric toy that I made myself, which we roll in catnip every few days. It is Cricket’s favorite toy. She can lick it, roll on it, kick it, and go to kitty dreamland hugging it. It is always on the little extra couch we have in here, and is never moved from there. She doesn’t ever move it. Now, it is gone. Just gone. We’ve looked under the couch, under the blankets and pillows, on the floor, and in every room in the house, just to make sure. It is gone. It’s been missing for at least a week or so. She has other catnip toys, but you can tell that for her, it’s just not the same. (sigh)

The kitchen – yesterday we find a jigsaw puzzle piece in the floor. There’s nothing strange about that, as I’ve been working the puzzles for months, now, and sometimes a piece falls on the floor. I pick it up right away.This puzzle piece, however, is the one piece that was missing from the puzzle I told you about awhile back…the one of the Sugar Skull. It was a brand new puzzle, but this piece came up missing. I’ve worked at least 4 other puzzles since finishing that one. There weren’t any missing pieces of those, and no extra ones either.

We’ve walked through the kitchen probably a million times, and had not seen this one piece just laying there in the middle of the floor. It would have been impossible not to notice it. But…yesterday, there it was, just as if it wanted us to notice it. I was like, how can this be? It’s been missing the whole time, and now, here it is! Then, I remembered…our Ghost. Um-hmm, go figure.

Missing cat toy = take away

Find missing puzzle piece = give something back to us.

Maybe one of these days Ghost will give back the cat toy…but, what will Ghost take away next?

*** I would show you a photo of the missing cat toy, but it’s gone missing!

Cricket wants her toy back


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JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Haunted



My Grandma’s house always had a spooky feeling to it. As a kid, my cousin and I would spend the night over there in the back bedroom…even though we were scared of that room.

It felt like something was watching us from up in the NW corner of the ceiling. One night we heard what we swore were babies crying in the living room, so we sneaked in there to have a look.

The room was dim, but no lights were on. What we saw was the old rocking chair, just rocking back and forth…no one was sitting in it. Could this have been a ghost, rocking a ghost baby? I don’t know, but that is what we believed.GE DIGITAL CAMERA

Here’s a picture of the house today. It looks like a regular old house, doesn’t it? I don’t know who lives there now, but I always wonder if they have weird things happen in there like we used to, all those years ago. It looks about the same as when my grandparents lived there.

My next post will tell more about the creepy things I felt in and around the garage, which is over to the right, and back a bit.

Hope you’re enjoying hearing about my paranormal experiences!🙂






Have you ever felt like an unseen presence was watching you? You get that creepy feeling, maybe your hair stands up on the back of your neck, or you get hyper sensitive of any stealthy noises? Your ears want to hear something, anything, but you don’t…you just feel an overwhelming need to leave where you are. You are being watched. You don’t know who it is…or what it is, but you can sense they are there.

I have had this feeling lots of times. The most frequent was at my Grandma’s house…the one from my previous story. I could feel someone or something watching me in that back bedroom, which was scary, but the strongest feeling of this was in the garage. It was an old wooden and stucco outbuilding, right by the house. It was big enough for one car, and some items hanging on the walls on either side. The floor was just dirt, and there were two doors you’d have to open to get the car inside or out…no automatic garage door on this old place. The whole structure seemed kind of rickety, and there was always a musty smell, of old dirt and car parts. Nothing sinister, just the usual homeowner’s garage filled with tools, and other items.

However, if you went further into the garage, there was another door. Back behind where the car was parked, was a flimsy door. When in that little back room you could feel the weirdness. It didn’t look very strange, just a bunch of canning jars, and miscellaneous stored items, some junk from the house being stored. My cousin and I would always beg to go prowl around in there, though, mainly because it was spooky, and we liked to look at all the stuff.

The very best part, we thought, was an antique trunk. It must have belonged to some long lost relative, I don’t know, but it had all kinds of interesting things in there to look at. There were clothes from a bygone era, mementos, and a strange little box with this person’s hair in it…sort of a long tress of brown and gray, tied with a ribbon. It was fascinating!

Just as we’d get really into our discoveries, though we’d get spooked, because we could definitely feel/sense that we were being watched. Maybe it was the original owner of the trunk, but we never saw anyone…ghost or otherwise. We’d try to stick it out and keep looking, but it never failed, there would come a point where we had to run, run as fast as we could out of there, before the unseen entity grabbed at us.

I went in there lots of times by myself, even when I was told not to, but I couldn’t resist. I never knew what ever happened to that old trunk when my Grandma moved away. Wish I did.

Do you ever get the creepy, being watched feeling?

One more note: Later on, when my Grandma would go out of town, she’d ask me to come over to water plants, get the mail, and just check that all was ok with the house while she was gone. I would do it, but I’ll tell you what…I did it in a hurry, because being in that quiet house all by myself, was almost too much to take. I could feel the watcher’s eyes on me the whole time!

Thanks for reading my true ghost stories! Next time I’ll tell you some things that happened in my own houses over the years!


img_3319 img_3316 img_4104



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According to Wikipedia, an OBE Out-Of-Body Experience is the sensation of floating outside of your body, and being able to see yourself from outside your physical being.

It can also be called astral travel, astral projection, spirit walking, or soul travel.

OBEs can be spontaneous, or induced, by way of illness, trauma, near death, drug use, dehydration, electrical pulses in the brain, and meditation.

Some people report feeling vibrations, hearing a rushing, buzzing noise, a heavy body feeling, and sleep paralysis, before they have an OBE.

For me, I’ve experienced them off and on since I was a baby. I know one of my first memories of all, was of floating near the ceiling of the room, watching myself in the baby crib. I was standing up, holding onto the top rail, and crying to get out.


My Ghost Painting

Later on, through my childhood, I would have these strange feelings. It was like I  had a very heavy head, and it was scary. I had no idea what caused it, but I didn’t like it. My hands would be heavy, and I’d get these inside vibrations, a kind of electrical tingly sensation, throughout. I just called them the ‘shakes’.

I’d be afraid of going to bed at night, because that’s when the floating feeling would happen. I never saw myself going anywhere, such as another room, or out of the house. I’ve read that others can do this, and they try to make it happen, through deep meditation. For me, no, I don’t want to, but I have no control over when it occurs. I would guess these that I have are the spontaneous kind, as I’ve never tried to make it happen.

It feels weird to have yourself out of your body. Maybe it’s your soul that has come out to roam around. Anyway, it feels creepy, to me…to be separated, and looking down at myself. My actual body cannot move…it is asleep, I would suppose, and I always was afraid I’d not get back in. But, so far I have.

No one has ever said if they could see me when I was floating around. I wonder what that would look like? Would I be a ghostly apparition? I don’t know. I’ve never read, or heard of anyone seeing an out-of-body soul, just a regular person who seems to be asleep.

Maybe the person left behind on the bed, just thinks they are dreaming, and when they wake up, they don’t remember the floating above part.

Well, it’s all a bit mysterious to me. There’s lots of scientific theories and conjectures to this strange state of being, but whatever it is, and whatever the cause of it, I know it’s possible, and real.

I’ve had OBEs…have you?


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I’ve heard about there being other dimensions that exist alongside us in this time and space…unseen for the most part. Or maybe it is a parallel universe? Just going to throw out some thoughts for y’all to ponder, along with a few true incidents, that may or may not have been a case of a parting of the veil.

Is this ‘other’ place existing really close to us? Is it in the same room we’re in…or following us around? Is it everywhere on Earth? Is it there all the time, or just when we think about it? Are ‘we’ in it, too?

People are in this other world, too, but can they ever see us in our world? How come we don’t bump into them? Can they see us, or are they unaware? Maybe, their world is reality, and ours is their dream world. Could be, they wonder about this, too. Is this where doppelgangers come into play. Are we them, and they us…living our separate realities, just a little out of sync with each other. Is that where precognition, visions, and clairvoyance gets it’s start…by us seeing something ‘they’ do and then remembering it?

Would you like to see yourself doing things over there. It would be weird, I think, to get a glimpse of ourselves and others like that. Would you want to be able to go back and forth, from one dimension to the other, whenever you felt like it? It might be fun…or maybe it would be creepy.

I have had some strange experiences in the past, that I feel was a bit of this. There has been a sort of parting of the ether, an opening…a portal…to another place, and time, that has made me a believer in such things.

First, the name of this blog… ‘teleportingweena’… Weena (Rowena) is our tabby cat. I think she teleported herself, somehow. I don’t know where she went, but she was gone. She is an indoor cat, never outside, so there wasn’t any way she got lost out there. She was in the bedroom (the one with the levitating mirror), when we saw her last. She has her hiding places, here in the house, and we searched everywhere. She’d been gone for hours. We tore the house apart calling and looking for her, but she was gone. In despair of ever finding her again, she suddenly appeared…right in the spot we last saw her. There was no noise of her coming back, no sound of her scrabbling out of an overlooked hiding spot…she just materialized right there in the bedroom. She wasn’t frightened, or anything…she was just sitting there. Of course we made a fuss over her, and all was back to normal. But, where was she? What did she see? I wish we knew.

That was just one true instance of teleportation to another realm. There are more, involving different objects here in the house… and even of myself, my daughter, and my mother. I will tell you of them, in upcoming posts.

Don’t hesitate to tell me your thoughts, and/or experiences with the strange things that go on in this world.


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*Quote below is from the song “Serenade” by the Steve Miller Band, on the album “Greatest Hits 1974-78, on Capitol Records.


th (47)




I have this candle. It sits on the shelf in my living room, in a square, glass jar. It is red, smells good, like spice, and is named “Christmas Spirit”. I’ve had it awhile, but have never lit it. My sister gave it to me because she was scared of it.

You may think that’s a strange reason to gift me with the candle, but I don’t. She knows I love all weird and paranormal things, and this candle had been acting ‘weird’ over at her house. I think she’d bought it at a yard sale, along with some others, a long time ago. She had this one and the others sitting out on her kitchen table, as she was thinking of getting rid of them, now.

She gave me the candle, and told me this spooky story about it. … She was sitting at her table, early one morning, while the house was quiet. She was sipping her coffee, when all of a sudden, the glass lid on the ‘Spirit’ candle popped off with a loud noise, and flew off across the room. It landed quite a distance away, but didn’t break. She was lucky it did not hit her, as it went flying by. There was no rational reason for the lid to come off the glass jar. The table was not jiggled, the room was an even temperature, and the lid had been securely fastened down on top of the jar. She had never burned the candle, either.

So, that’s why she was scared of it…maybe it was possessed, or would do it again at any given moment. Anyway, now I have it. I’ve been waiting for it to do something else…hoping it would flip it’s lid again…anything. I thought that being over here, at my house, with the resident spirits and ghosts, would trigger an incident, but so far it hasn’t. I wish it would.

Could it be that the ‘spirits’ in the Christmas candle are happier now, being around others of it’s kind? I don’t know, but if it does do anything else strange, I’ll let you know.


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(A Test From an Angel in an Unlikely Place)

This incident happened a few years ago. It was on Christmas Eve, if I remember correctly. The unlikely place was the grocery store.

I’d gone to the store to get some last minute items. The store was crowded, as they were to close early that night. I was over in produce, and this nondescript woman started a conversation with me. She was shorter than me, and had on a beige coat, a scarf, and glasses. Her hair was light brown, going gray, and it was messy. She also had a slight disability in her speech and demeanor.

I can’t remember the exact conversation, but it was about the fruits and vegetables, and also about the crowds, and Christmas…things like that. It was a little hard to understand her, but she was nice, and I talked to her for a bit. Then I went on with my shopping.

However, everywhere I went in the store, this woman would be there, too. I didn’t see her come up the aisle, and I don’t think she had a basket, but there she’d be, still wanting to talk. So this went on the whole time I was there.

I kept getting this really strong feeling…and I kept thinking about angels…for no reason. Then, I thought, maybe this woman is an angel. I couldn’t shake the feeling, it just kept getting stronger. Well, I kept talking to her, as everywhere I went in the store, she would be there right beside me.

Then, I seemed to get an inkling…or revelation…of why this was happening. This was a test…a test to see if I was perceptive, and could recognize what was going on. And of my compassion for those less fortunate with disabilities, and in how I responded and treated this woman.

There was definitely some kind of reason for this to be going on…I knew that, then. Well, in the end, I went to check out my groceries, and I said goodbye to her. The regular clerks said they’d never seen her in the store before, either. I never saw her again, but she will remain in my memories of that night.

Now, I don’t know for sure if angels appear as regular people, at random times, or for what reasons, but in my mind, this is what it was.


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I have been drawn to the stars and sky for as long as I can remember. There is a need for me to look up into the darkness, even when I was a little kid, sneaking out of the house to look at the starry sky. I still do this almost every night.

I feel like maybe aliens know of me, and have made their presence known to me, throughout the years. This story is one of those times. The memory of the incident has haunted me all this time, because of the not knowing why it happened, or the truth of it. I do know it happened to me, and was not a dream.

I was always in and out of the doctor’s office for this or that, as a child. One time was really strange. The Dr. was tired of seeing me always in there, and told me if I ever came back, he’d make sure I never did again. He took me and my mom (who didn’t say a word, just followed – which was completely not normal) down some concrete steps, to the basement of the hospital.

He was strange looking. He was a very short man, wearing a long white coat, and large dark glasses, so I couldn’t see his eyes behind them. He said to look at what was down there…that these people didn’t listen to him, and that this is what would happen to me, too. It was terrifying.

I was probably ten years old. I saw people strapped down onto these huge roulette-like wheels. Some were upright, some were situated more flat to the floor, and they couldn’t move. They were very scared. Once in awhile an assistant would come and spin the wheels around really fast.

At that point, the doctor took my hand and pricked my finger to draw blood, for a blood test. Then he said for us to leave. I vowed to never, ever go back to that doctor again, no matter what, even if I was sick, and I never did, even when I did get sick…I just never told anyone I was not feeling well.

So, that is how this one ended, but I have reason to believe there have been many other encounters over the years…just not as scary.


Anyone have any thoughts on this? Have you had mysterious encounters?


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Do you communicate with your pets? Have you really tried? Have you looked deep into your pet’s eyes, and said something to them with your mind, not your voice? Have you gotten a response…maybe, a loving gaze from them, or a thought that came into your mind from them, possibly just an image or picture of something out of the blue? I believe that is your pet and you communicating on a very basic level…mind to mind, heart to heart.

Extra sensory perception – ESP…the 6th sense…information that comes to you beyond the limitations of normal hearing, seeing, touching, smelling  or tasting. It is a receiving of information, concerning the past, present, or future, originating in a second, or alternative reality.

If you have a pet, be it a dog, cat, bird, or other animal we share our homes/lives with on a daily basis, you probably talk to them a lot. We treat them as part of our family, and they learn what we are saying and what we mean, especially at meal times. Other times we scold them, and they know they’ve made some little mistake. We give them hugs, or tell them our secrets, and give them love. They give that love right back to us, uninhibited.

For me, I believe I will again see my pets that have passed away…in heaven. They will all be there to greet me when I get there. Some may disagree…and that’s fine. We all have our own set of beliefs. However, this story happened just as I’m going to write it. It is one I will never forget, and I know what I saw and felt at the time.

Quite a few years ago, my sister’s dog, a Pomeranian named Trixie, passed away. She was failing in health, as she was aged, but we did not think it was time for her to leave us, just yet. However, I suppose she thought different.  The family was all gathered around watching a tv show, that evening. I noticed that Trixie came and sat in front of me, just staring at me for the longest time.

I got the strongest feeling she was saying good-bye. I looked into her eyes, and silently said to her that I loved her, and would see her later someday. She seemed happy with that. She then moved over to each family member, in turn, doing the same thing…staring at them with a loving look. I don’t think anyone else noticed, though. I could tell she was beaming her loving thoughts to them, thanking them all for being her family all these years.

The next morning, she was gone, passed away during the night. I’m glad we got to say our final good-byes the night before. (I’m going to cry, now…and it has been so many years ago…it is still a beautiful, yet sad remembrance.)  But, I know I will see her again. I will see all my other pets that have gone on before me…someday. That’s why I never say good-bye…to pets, or to people. I’ve told them all the same…that it is not good-bye…just…”See you later.”

If we want to have a chance of communicating with our pets, we have to learn to pay attention to what they are trying to tell us, in their own way.