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Skin & Bones – 3 Things Challenge


Skin & Bones – 3 Things Challenge



Today’s prompt: truck, skin, library


I used to deal in skin & bones.

Sounds pretty ominous doesn’t it? But, no…let me explain.

A delivery truck would haul my supply of skin and bones to me, every week.

I’d take the bones, rubbing and creasing the skins to sharp, straight lines. Everyone said I was the best skin and bone wielder…the best at my job.

Well, it needed to be done. The skins needed to fit closely. The bone knife was just the tool for the job.

The skins were tough, and they could take all the handling in their future, too.

So, now I’ve told you a little about my job, I need to get back to work in the library.


Note … this is a true story! I used to work in different libraries, and one of my jobs was to take the see-through plastic covers (skins), crease them to fit the books with the bone knife. It was a fun job! 🙂


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