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Dear Diary,

We went through some towns.


Well…yes, we did. Some towns. Evidently my uncle got back with another car, and we continued the trip. I didn’t write what towns we went through, but I do remember some highlights from on the road. Guess I was too busy looking at the sights to write much. Let’s see…from Texas, going toward Idaho, I know we went through New Mexico, Colorado, and Utah. I do have some old movie films from the trip (now on VHS) so I should watch them to refresh my memory of the things we saw, and where we stopped. I’ll do that, but leave you with one funny episode. Can’t remember which town in NM it was, but we stopped at a funny looking restaurant…it was shaped like an igloo! What was funny was it advertised their special as hot chili 🙂 We all had a good laugh over that one.

Stay tuned here, for more travelling fun!


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Week # 24

Today’s questions for Share Your World, posed by Cee at http://ceenphotography.com/share-your-world are as follows:

1. What’s your favorite charitable cause, and why?

We don’t have any charity we donate to on a regular basis. We do put a little in the bucket for the Salvation Army, at Christmas time, and if there is a disaster somewhere in the world, or locally, we’ll contribute some to those. Otherwise, I do a lot of shopping at the Goodwill stores. In some small way, I’m sure that what I spend is helping their organization.

2. If you had your own talk show, who would be your first three guests (guests can be dead, alive, famous, or someone you know).

My first three guests would be, Art Bell – founder of the radio talk show “Coast2Coast A.M”, Glen Beck – radio/tv host, and Alex Jones – radio/tv host. Bonus guest would be David Icke – author.

All of these men discuss the kinds of topics I’m interested in… all things weird, wacky, way out there, and possibly true subjects, such as ghosts, aliens, UFOs, conspiracy theories, and government cover-ups.

3. List: What are at least five places you’ve enjoyed visiting?

Sagamihara, Japan … As a military family for over 20 years, my husband was stationed at Camp Zama, Japan. We lived almost two years here, in government housing. Japan is a beautiful country, with mountains, forests, and the ocean. We experienced one of the largest typhoons recorded at the time, while we were there, Typhoon Tip, and many earthquakes shook the place, quite often.

Furth/Nuremburg, Germany … We lived here for awhile, courtesy of the military, too. Amazing country, with all the old architecture of the buildings, the history of the place, the scenery of mountains, forests, and the Nuremburg Castle.

Red River, New Mexico … Beautiful forests, rustic cabins…we went during the summer, but it is a great place to ski in winter (we don’t ski, though)

Corpus Christi, Texas … The beach…ahhh…the waves, the shells, the sand, the ships…wonderful. We lived not too far away, in Sinton, TX, and then in Beeville, Tx for awhile.

Roswell, New Mexico … Sightseeing, UFO Festival for the 4th of July, demonstrations, the UFO museum, presentations, lectures, author signings, souvenirs … a favorite place for me to visit (and not too far away to go for a day trip)

4. What color do you feel most comfortable wearing?

I wear black most of the time, as that is my favorite. Black pants, black flip flops, tops of mostly black, with maybe some design on it…(skulls are a fav too), and for a bit of color…necklaces, bracelets, and earrings of whatever mood I’m in that day. Second favorite would be browns and oranges, then deep green or purple. I’m not fond of anything red, and never a pastel.

Bonus Question…What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

I’ve been grateful for all the rain we’ve had this whole spring season. Usually in west TX it is so hot and dry already, and we’ve set records with rainfall amounts this time. Coming up…more rain, I hope!

So, those are my answers to Cee’s questions this week # 24.


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Today’s letter is…W

Thanks for visiting! Comments welcome! Happy reading!


The word Ouachita is the French spelling of the Indian word Washita. The Ouachita National Forest was designated as such, in 1926. It is the oldest National Forest in the southern United States. It encompasses thirteen counties in western central Arkansas, and two counties in southeastern Oklahoma.

The Talimena Scenic Byway was officially named in 2005, It runs through the Ouachita National Forest, leading to the Winding Stair Mountains. The road has no shoulders, and is very curvy and twisty, some even 180 degrees, hairpin turns.

Those are the facts. That is no comparison to actually driving down that road, in person. It is hard to find enough adjectives to describe the things your eyes feast upon. Majestic, awesome, beautiful, and exciting, are some words you will think of. You catch your breath on the steep grades, and those twisting roads…and there are miles of them.

You are surrounded by the tall trees…just you and the beauty of nature, brings about a hushed feeling, as you take in all the wonders the forest shows you. If you are adventurous, there are hiking trails, mountain biking trails, fishing, camping, and canoeing.

Established in 1978, the Upper Ouachita Wildlife Refuge, is home to many kinds of wildlife. There are black bears, aligators, deer, and many species of birds. The endangered red-cockaded woodpecker is one resident, along with the bald eagle, and many other birds. 

If you like hunting for rocks, the Quartz Crystal…state mineral of Arkansas, are free to pick up off the ground where you find them.

Bring your binoculars and camera when you go visit the Ouachita National Forest. You will not be disappointed. 

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