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My Day Out


My Day Out


Hey, I’m back from my day out on Friday. We all had a great time…my daughter, my grand-daughter, and I.

Here’s what all we did:

First we tried to find some yard sales. There was only two that sounded half-way good, and we did find them. But, they didn’t have much, even though they advertised as being ‘huge – can’t miss – you will not believe it’ and such as that…they all lie. We looked around while my grand-daughter played with the little kids that lived at the one place. At least she had good fun. I bought a shirt for $2.00…my daughter got nothing, nor did my grand-daughter.

So on to the next one – an estate sale where you go inside. To me everything was too expensive, so didn’t buy anything. They got kids books and a stuffed toy.

We drove around looking for more sales, but couldn’t find any.

In the car, from the very first, we start with the storytelling, jokes, games, and singing. All are orchestrated by my grand-daughter. She’s five years old.

Today she said she’s Princess Leia from Star Wars. She loves all things Star Wars, and began a long story about the cantina, and the characters, etc.

Next up was a singing contest between us three. She gives points for who sings the best, and of course she gets the most points, because ‘we’ don’t sing it smooooth enough.

Then we do some knock knock jokes, and rhyming words, and some I spy with  my little eye games. We do have so much fun!

So, we were ready for lunch at a burger place. Yum!

Then, off to my aunt’s house out in the country (or sort of). She has 5 acres, but housing areas are all surrounding there. It was good to visit for a couple of hours, and my cousin’s son (my first cousin once removed) happened to be there, too. He lives on the property, too. We got to see one of his puppy dogs, named Wittle, but the big dogs were inside the fence, so we didn’t go back there. He plans on getting more chickens, too. We walked all around the house and all, looking at the jackrabbits, and prairie dogs, too. I took some pictures. Later, we looked through a scrapbook of antique or vintage old photos that my aunt had made of the relatives. She also gave me a whole sack of paperback/hardback books she was finished with.

My grand-daughter also gave us a little piano concert, just plinking around on the keys. She loves being the center of attention!

After that, Miss Princess wanted some ice cream, so we went to a place for that, and then it was after 5 p.m. so was time to go home.

The wind was blowing so much, my hair was just twirling around. I checked my phone’s weather thing, and it said it was only 17 mph, but I bet it was more, because it was almost blowing us down!

Anyway, I didn’t get home until around 6 p.m. … fixed us a TV dinner, and watched some TV. Started reading, fell asleep, until the rain beating on the windows woke me up a little later. Finally got back to sleep.

So, that was my day. We’ll probably do it all again next week. 🙂

Here’s some of what I saw…

Red roses & green leaves

Old tractor

Jack rabbit in the distance

Brown & white puppy dog named Wittle

Bleached white cow skulls by a yellow & green wild plant

Prairie Dog … he was yip yip yipping at us


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The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS May 20/17


This SOCS asks us to use the words ‘all’ or ‘nothing’ or both. Join in the challenge by clicking the above link to find out details, and to see other entries. 🙂


All we’ve done today has been pretty fun.

We all went out to my cousin’s and aunt’s farm.

We all ate lunch there, and we all enjoyed seeing each other, and having nice conversations and laughs.

Then, we all trooped out to the chicken yard, to see…well, the chickens, all the new baby chicks, turkeys, and pigeons (they are homing pigeons). There was the dog my cousin adopted from Africa, Gracie, and a couple of horses, some jack rabbits, and prairie dogs. We all had fun watching my grand-daughter feed the chickens their chicken feed. She was amazed by it all, and even petted some chickens. They are all mostly friendly chickens who don’t mind being picked up, and most all of them have names. Henrietta is the oldest one.

We all had a good time. It sure beats sitting in the house all day doing our usual nothing! 😉

Here are some photos from our day.


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Three Line Tales, Week Twenty-Four



photo prompt by Emiel Molenaar


Joe, the farmer, was so tired of the aliens leaving those cryptic crop circles in his field.

He decided to leave them a message of his own.

Around and around he went on his tractor, until the message said: “You’re invited to have breakfast with me in the morning. Let’s discuss things. ~ In friendship, Joe”.


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