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Today is the 2nd day of random posts. This one is about one of the many jobs I’ve had in the past. I wrote a little about my very first paying job  http://wp.me/p3RE1e-1HX

Today is a piece I wrote for the A to Z Challenge a while back, about the 2nd job I had.

Hope you enjoy reading about it, and the music video at the end. It’s about working, too. 🙂



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Those handy, dandy boxes. We all have them. Everything under the sun seems to come in them, large and small items, and from food to machinery. Even products packaged in boxes, come in larger boxes by the case.

We use and re-use them for all kinds of purposes. They are great for storage, their sides are flat and are easy to stack, they have flaps, so you can close them. They have writing on the sides, top, and bottom, either giving instructions, or identifying what’s inside. You can recycle cardboard, too. They are environmentally friendly.

Do you hate to throw away a ‘good’ box? do you save some for later use…maybe to send a package to someone, or for gift giving? It seems like cardboard containers are everywhere, yet at times, when you really need one, they are hard to find, especially in the size you want.

I never thought much about boxes, before I started a job at a corrugated container manufacturing plant. This was the second job I ever had. I was still in business college. I’d go to work part of the day, then go to classes at night. I did secretarial tasks in the front office, but occasionally I’d need to go back into the manufacturing area for some reason. It was noisy, with all the machines, cutting, pre-folding, and printing the words on the flattened sheets of cardboard.

One time, the workers had forgotten to add a number to the printing process, and discovered it at the end of the job. Instead of re-doing the order, they called on me to remedy the situation. That day, my job was to take a black magic marker and write the missing number on these boxes…hundreds of them.

It was actually pretty fun to be hanging out with the work crew. They were always in a good mood, laughing, joking, and playing the radio loud, over the noise of the machines.

Now, ever since then, I think of how cardboard, and corrugated containers and boxes are made. I habitually check to see if maybe someone else has had to write a number on a box, like I did.



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Today is the first day of random posts. I love doing the blog challenges, but want to do some different things, too. These will be whatever I think of on the day, be it a photo, a thought, a story, poem, art, or something musical. Hope you enjoy the surprises! 🙂



What is all this, you ask? It looks like a bunch of random items, and you are right.

The other day I was cleaning out my purse, and found all this in there. I have a habit of sticking all kinds of things in there, from wherever we go. Mostly to save for later, or whatever. Then I forget it’s in there. I’m usually surprised what I find later on, stuck down in the dark corners of my purse. One time I even found a live spider…how it survived in there, I don’t know, but he was a little one, and came crawling out. Yikes! But, I like spiders, so I let him go on his way.

Anyway, here’s what I thought of about all these things in the picture. I could definitely make a stab at survival, if need be, well, maybe for an hour or so?

There are saltine crackers = won’t starve, and I can leave crumbs to mark my trail

There are croutons = same as the crackers, if I feel like being fancy. Also I can feed the birds. Maybe there will be a carrier pigeon I can tie a note to his leg, That way I can summon rescue.

There is a package of eye glasses cleaner things = given out free at a store. I could at least get a clear picture of where I was located.

There is a compass = yeah, I know, it’s a toy one given out at my grand-daughter’s pirate birthday party, but hey…a compass!

There is a fortune cookie = in case I really want to know what my future of being rescued is…or I can just eat it

There are pieces of candy = root-beer barrels, actually. Those would be for keeping me happy as I wait! 🙂

So, there you go. These items were in addition to the regular stuff I keep in there. 🙂

Do you keep odd items in your purse, pocket, or backpack? Would they help you out if you were stranded somewhere?

Check in tomorrow for another surprise random post! 🙂


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