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Bonked on the Head


Bonked on the Head


Picture of dark skies, and a bright streak of lightning I took a few years ago.



So, I was bonked on the head last night.

Here’s what happened…

The ferocious thunderstorm, with crashing lightning and thunder, buckets of rain, and hail pinging off the windows woke me up around midnight. As usual I’d fallen asleep in the recliner chair while I was reading, but after the loud noise woke me up, decided I’d better go on to bed. First a visit to the bathroom.

Just as I went in there, I was bonked on the head by something falling from the ceiling! Still half asleep, I fumbled around trying to find what it was. I looked down at the floor and saw the overhead, plastic light fixture cover was the culprit. Good thing it was only plastic, as the other light we have over the sink, has a glass cover.

Anyway, I set the cover off to the side. But, then that light went out. At least I had the sink light on, too. At first I thought maybe the lightning or the rumbling thunder that was shaking the house had made it all happen. Who knows…could have been.

I finally made it back to bed, and Cricket and I watched the storm some more out the west windows…flash boom ping –  flash boom ping! The storm was over by the morning.


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