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Three Things Challenge # 36 – 41


Three Things Challenge # 36 – 41


Trying to catch up with the past few prompts from Paula’s Three Things Challenge. I just kept adding to the story…:)



Today’s prompt: insomnia, meringue, basement


Today’s prompt: zoo, aluminum, cocoa


Today’s prompt: carpenter, mile, Jupiter


Today’s prompt: limits, donation, eagle


Today’s prompt: well, ballroom, cactus


Today’s prompt: tears, grass, hologram


So, after coming home from the zoo yesterday, I had a bout of insomnia. With nothing better to do, I went into my basement kitchen to make a pie. I love pie…chocolate being my favorite kind.

I got out my aluminum pan to make the pudding mixture in, and used plenty of cocoa to make it extra rich. When that was done, I cracked some eggs to use the whites for a fluffy meringue topping.

It didn’t take long at all, so when it was all finished I had to have a big slice of my fresh chocolate pie. Yum!

Now satisfied from eating up to my limits in pie, I was feeling sleepy, so went on up to bed. I dreamed of floating on a cloud of sweet meringue. But, as usual, my sweet dreams morphed into a more terrifying scene.

I floated on my meringue cloud all the way up to the planet Jupiter. It was a pleasant ride, sailing through the milky way, and only dodging a few meteors along the sky highway. But, I kept hearing a banging noise. When I looked down, I could see a bevy of carpenters hammering away, as they built a wooden ladder. It was already so many miles long it was about to reach me. I didn’t like the looks of this turn of events at all. What was I supposed to do?

Well, I was startled awake by a sharp pain in my foot, at this point in my nightmare. What the heck?

I turned on the light to examine my foot, and saw spikes embedded in my ankle, and my ornamental cactus at the foot of the bed. I must have thrashed around and kicked it off the window sill. I couldn’t hold back a few tears. I had to use tweezers and my eagle eyes to remove the painful thorns.

Later that day I went into my ball room …that is my walk in closet. That’s where I go to meditate, and consult my crystal ball. Don’t laugh…

I asked what was the meaning of my strange dream, and a vision emerged from the cloudy interior of the crystal globe. I saw a lovely green meadow of grass, and a hologram of my long deceased father. He was a master carpenter when he was alive, and now in this vision, I could see he was building the ladder to reach me. I felt there was something important he wanted me to know.

The words came to me from out of the ether…

“Don’t eat chocolate pie right before you go to bed. It will give you nightmares!”

I laughed, and vowed if I baked another pie, I’d make it for a donation to the local free food kitchen.


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