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dVerse Prosery # 2 – The Moon


dVerse Prosery # 2 – The Moon

Prosery #2


This is for dVerse Poets. To find out more, click the above link.

The instructions are from Sarah, and the poem the line is taken from is called, “Full Moon”, by Alice Oswald.

The Prosery prompt starts with a line taken from a poem, and asks you to write a piece of flash fiction incorporating that line, in full, somewhere in the piece of prose. To make it a little more challenging there’s a word limit of 144 words.

I dreamt I was the moon




They say the moon is made of cheese, but I don’t believe it any more.

Back when I was a kid, my dad built his own telescope. I loved watching him grind the lenses, taking a large white plumbing pipe, and putting it all together. He checked out books from the library to find out how to do it.

When it was finished, we took it outside on dark nights to gaze up at the stars, the planets, and the moon. The moon’s craters were beautifully shadowed against the bright reflective moon light.

My imagination went wild, thinking of other worlds in the universe. If I could just reach out there … touch them.

Visions filled me with wonder as I fell asleep.

I dreamt I was the moon.

And the truth was revealed. The moon was not made of cheese. I know that now.


word count 144


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