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Mystery Blogger Award


Mystery Blogger Award mysteryblog1


“Mystery Blogger Award is an award for amazing bloggers with ingenious posts. Their blog not only captivates; it inspires and motivates. They are one of the best out there, and they deserve every recognition they get. This award is also for bloggers who find fun and inspiration in blogging, and they do it with so much love and passion.” Created by: Okoto Enigma via https://www.okotoenigmasblog.com


I want to thank Laura, of All the Shoes I Wear, for nominating me for the Mystery Blogger Award.

Please visit her blog at the following link:



The rules:

Put the award logo/image on your blog
List the rules.
Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
Mention the creator of the award and provide a link as well
Tell your readers 3 things about yourself
You have to nominate 10 people
Notify your nominees by commenting on their blog
Ask your nominees any 5 questions of your choice; with one weird or funny question (specify)
Share a link to your best post:


3 things about myself:

  1. This is the second time I’ve received a nomination for this award. I accept again, because the questions are different each time, and I like to answer questions, and I like awards.
  2. My name was sent to the planet Mars. I entered a Haiku contest for NASA, and all participants were to have their name encoded on a CD that was sent to Mars. My poem didn’t win, but I got an official certificate saying my name would be entered on the CD.
  3. I like feeding and watching birds, and once took part in “Project Feeder Watch”, from Cornell University. We were to keep track of how many, and what types of birds came to our feeder in a set amount of weeks in the winter. Then, we sent in our charts to be recorded.


My 5 questions to answer:

1. When was the last time you felt pure joy?

…Anytime I get to have playtime and conversations with my grandchildren.

2. What made you laugh until you cried?

…I laugh until I cry almost every day about something or other. The most recent was when I mistook a plumbing/sewer company truck for a mobile food truck with Mr. Potato as the logo.

3. What’s the silliest thing you do when alone?

…Talk and sing to my cat, Cricket.

4. Whats the weirdest thing you’ve ever experienced?

…I’ve experienced lots of weird things. Here’s just one of them … Being teleported to another part of town in an instant. I guess that’s what happened. My daughter and I went to a yard sale, then as we left, we found ourselves in a completely different place. It didn’t feel weird, but we knew something had happened to put us in a whole other part of town, in the blink of an eye.

5. Have you ever been to a haunted place?

…Yes. My house, and quite a few houses I’ve lived in. I have paranormal experiences quite often, wherever I am.


Put a link to a favorite post. Well, all my posts are my favorites, so how do I choose? I’ll leave it up to you. Pick something from my category list, and if you like what you read, you can let me know. 🙂


I don’t usually make any nominations, because blogging takes a lot of work and time, so I believe all bloggers deserve recognition. So, if any of you would like to grab the badge, and take part, feel free to do so.


Thanks again, Laura! This was fun. 🙂


Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

© 2018 BS





I have recently been nominated for the ‘One Lovely Blog Award’  by these two awesome bloggers! Thank you both so much for thinking of me!

Now, I have the pleasure of introducing you to them. 🙂

Anna Secret Poet,  and her blog “Confessions of Anna, Secret Poet”  … https://annasecretpoet.wordpress.com/2016/02/02/one-lovely-blog-award/

Dee, and her blog “Fiddledeedeebooks” … https://fiddledeedeebooks.wordpress.com//?s=one+lovely+blog+award&search=Go


Thank you both very much! 🙂

To accept this award, we are supposed to thank the person/s who nominated you, and add a link to their blog.

State the rules of acceptance.

List 7 random facts about yourself.

Nominate other bloggers, and let them know they’ve been nominated.

Here’s my 7 random facts:

  1. One of the high schools I attended was/is haunted.
  2. I paint rocks.
  3. I was in an F-5 tornado.
  4. I am very attuned to the paranormal
  5. My favorite color is black.
  6. I can’t sing in tune, but wish I could.
  7. I will never eat applesauce.


I believe everyone that blogs is deserving of awards. If you would like to participate, please do!

Thank you again, to Anna, and Dee, for this lovely award!


Thanks for visiting! Peace }I{

© 2016 BS






WRITING 101 – # 20 – WHAT’S IN YOUR FUTUREcropped-seal_v2-03

Yesterday was the last day of assignments for the Writing 101 course. (yes, I’m just catching up)

This is basically a reflection post, saying how we liked the course lessons, and what we will be doing in the future of our writing.

I enjoyed this past month of daily blogging, the prompts, and learning new things. I’d recommend taking this course, if you want to try and improve some of your writing skills, and to push yourself to get them done. It helps to find out if you can do a daily post, too. I won’t lie…it is a challenge, but it is also lots of fun.

The very best part, to me, was the interaction between the participating bloggers. Everyone is so encouraging, and this is a great place to get feed-back on your writing, if you want. I’ve met some awesome people, and through their writing, have learned about their part of the world, and seen their beautiful photos. There are so many different ways to write, and set up your blog site, and each one I saw, I was impressed.

For the assignments, I really liked the one of mining your social media for inspiration. I’d never thought of that before, and plan on trying it again someday.

The future, for me, will be more writing…that will never stop, but as I do, I try to improve, and learn more about this craft. I do like doing interesting blog challenges, and will do those whenever I can. At the moment, I’m participating in the October Poetry Writing Month challenge. It is 31 poems in 31 days. I did this last year, and it was a lot of fun. I also will be continuing my serial fan-fiction story, on my other blog, and writing a variety of posts here for your entertainment.

With the holidays coming up, I will be doing lots of things with the family. I hope each and every one of you will enjoy the transition into fall/winter/new year, also. I wish all the best to you.

I want to thank the hosts of Writing 101. Thanks for the prompts, the advice, the help when needed with computer confusion, the interesting lessons, and the steadfast encouragement. It was appreciated.

I leave you with a haiku I wrote for the Friday Phrases on Twitter the other day…

Your future awaits

Do not pause at the threshold

Leap boldly across


Thanks for visiting! Peace }I{IMG_1582

© 2015 BS



A to Z BLOG CHALLENGE … REFLECTIONA-to-Z+Reflection+[2015]+-+Lg


Today’s post is to take the time to look back at the past month of blogging with the A to Z Blog CHALLENGE


This was the second year I’ve participated in the A to Z Blog Challenge. Here’s what I found I did different, between them both.

2014 – I posted on both my blogs, every day, every letter, in turn.

2015 – I posted on only one blog, every day, every letter, in turn.

2014 – I wrote about random subjects. They were just things I found interesting, that corresponded to the letter of the day.

2015 – I decided to go with a certain theme for the whole month, and stayed true to it.

2014 – I didn’t plan ahead by very much, for each entry. I had a few scribbles of ideas for each post, but typed up the final result the morning of the day it was supposed to appear.

2015 – I looked up all the words I planned on using for the definitions, first, then wrote a funny sentence using that word, then seeing what the real definition was. All words were those I did not know the meaning of beforehand. I was really surprised at some of them, too. I also wrote it all down on paper, before the challenge began. I only changed a few of the planned words, as I went along.

2014- Doing the random posts, mostly unplanned, plus finding pictures, and adding links, took up a lot of time.

2015 – Having it all planned out early, actually only a few days early, was much easier, and I did not add pictures, or links.

2014 – I’d only heard of the challenge a day or so before signing up, and starting my posts.

2015 – Having done the challenge in 2014, I’d heard others say it was good to plan ahead, and possibly/but, not necessary, to go with a selected theme.

2014 – I did enjoy the whole experience of posting a blog entry every day. It was exciting to see if I could actually do this. Maybe I was a bit overly ambitious to do this on both blogs, but this was a challenge I felt up to.

2015 – This year I had fun doing the Daffy Definitions, making up the sentences, and learning some new words. However, I didn’t get that thrill of excitement, like I did with the completely random, seat of my pants blogging, as I did in 2014. I think I must thrive on chaos, disorganization, and doing things at the last minute…writing included. The more regimented way of pre-planning my theme, just wasn’t my style, at all.

I’m very proud of the way it all turned out…that I did finish the challenge, and am not in any way disappointed with my entries. I do plan on doing the challenge again, next April, but will most likely go back to a more random, whatever catches my interest type posting, though.

2014 – I completed the challenge… Yay!

2015 – I completed the challenge… Yay!

With all that said, that was a lot of “I did this, I wrote that:, etc. It’s the truth, I love to write, but without anyone to read it, I’d just be writing to myself. So, really…it’s mostly about YOU…all the wonderful, kind, readers that I write for. Everyone who took the time to visit my blog, to like the offerings that were presented each day, and to follow if you wanted to, and to all of you who left a comment…thank you so very much.

Hopefully my future, and former, posts will continue to give you a bit of entertainment.

I didn’t get to visit as many other blogs as I’d wanted to, so will try to do this in the coming days.

I’d also like to thank Mr. Arlee Bird, for founding the A to Z Blog Challenge. Without it, none of this would be possible. Thanks also, to the co-hosts, minions, and volunteers, who did so much, to make this year’s challenge a huge success.

Until next year… Happy Blogging! Peace 🙂survivor-atoz [2015] - 2



Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who stopped by here during this month of October Poetry Writing Month. I appreciate that you took time from your day to comment, like, and even follow!

I have been trying to visit all of your blogs, a few at a time. I’ve enjoyed reading everyone’s writing…you all have so much talent!

I had fun writing these poems with the Halloween theme. Wasn’t sure I could keep it up, and it was a challenge. I’d like to thank Morgan Dragonwillow for inviting me to join the challenge. You can find her at… http://morgandragonwillow.com .

Coming up, here on my blog, I’ll be getting back to my true ghost stories (I have a few more to tell), and the loco letters, and whatever else I get interested in…even more poems, if the mood strikes me. 🙂

Until my next post…

Peace, Love, & Writing!



untitledI would like to take this time to say a big thank you to Yinglan Zheng, for nominating me for the One Lovely Blog Award.

It is the very first award I’ve been nominated for, and it is such an honor. Yinglan, is an awesome blogger, herself, and you can find her blog at http://yzhengblog.wordpress.com

The rules of this award, if you choose to accept are as follows:

~ You must thank the person who nominated you, and include a link to their blog.

~You must list the rules, and display the award.

~You must add 7 facts about yourself.

~You must nominate 15 other bloggers, and comment on one of their posts to let them know they have been nominated.

~You must display the award logo, and follow the blogger who nominated you, if you don’t already.

This is a great way to get to know other great bloggers and read some very interesting blogs of all types!

Ok, here goes…7 facts you may not know about me…

1. My favorite color is black

2. I like all kinds of creepy things, even spiders.

3. I have a tattoo – the word Ghost, that I designed myself.

4. I’m afraid of fish.

5. My spirit animal is the Tiger (I’ve known this since I was a kid)

6. I am really good at untangling knots of all kinds, even necklace chains.

7. I burn incense every day.


My nominees are in no particular order. Everyone I’ve listed is under no obligation to accept this award. Just know that I find your blogs awesome, and look forward to reading what you write!

1. http://karensoutar.wordpress.com

2. http://africolonialstories.wordpress.com

3. http://lynettenoni.wordpress.com

4. http://writingpossibilities.com

5. http://stockink.wordpress.com

6. http://siofraalexander.com

7. http://drewchialauthor.com

8. http://wp.me/p3xyAc-bR

9. http://LZMarieAuthor.com

10. http://rob.distaffen.com

11. http://mydailyjenn-ism.blogspot.com

12. http://lorilschafer.blogspot.com

13. http://littlewritelies.com

14. http://tuiSnider.com

15. http://seumasgallacher.wordpress.com


Thank you again, Yinglan, for nominating me for this award!




Here it is the month of May already. April flew by in a flash, thanks to my participation in the Blog Challenge. I’d just learned of the challenge shortly before it began, so I signed up not one, but two blogs. Yes, I jumped in with both feet blogs…one I’d posted on pretty regular, the other almost brand new. There were a few kinks to work out, and I received excellent set up tips from some very kind bloggers. I’d like to thank the founder of A to Z Blog Challenge, Arlee Bird, for his most encouraging words, and for creating this most amazing challenge. Thanks also, to Sue (suesconsideredtrifles.wordpress.com) for your helpful tips, and continued support, and thanks to anxiousgeek (the anxiousgeek@gmail.com) for stopping by with technical knowledge. I appreciate you all.

The challenge was lots of fun…the writing and posting of a subject for each letter, each day. I didn’t have much trouble thinking of something to write about…in fact, most letters, I had too many ideas. I probably will continue awhile with them, just because I’ve enjoyed it, and since most were taken from some personal experience, it brought back great memories.

Since the challenge ended, I’ve been feeling a bit at loose ends. What do I do now? I really liked the challenging aspect of a deadline. Knowing I had to publish something every single day, was just what I needed. I will certainly be accepting the challenge next year.

The best part, for me, was realizing that people were actually reading my blog! Thank you to all who took the time to visit here, to make comments, to follow, and to say you liked what I have been doing. You all have given me a great boost in confidence! I so appreciate you! I also enjoyed getting to read other bloggers entries, and will try to continue  to visit and comment on yours and others I’ve seen on the list for the challenge.

I’d like to congratulate everyone who participated in the A to Z Blog Challenge this year. Yay for us…we did it!

Thank you so much! Until we meet again in blogland…all my best to you!

Peace, Love, & WritingImage  



I just wanted to take this time to say “Thank You” to everyone who visited here during the A to Z Blog Challenge! To those who were participating, and to those who were not, I appreciate that you were kind enough to stop here for a few minutes, to read and maybe leave a comment. You are all awesome!

I had just started out on this blog when I heard about the challenge. Thanks to everyone who gave me encouragement and provided helpful tips on how to work out some kinks in setting up a few things.

As a result of participating in the challenge, I was fortunate to have met some sweet and talented bloggers. I will look forward to reading more of your posts in the future.

Best wishes!