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Tell the Story Photo Prompt = cupcake


Tell the Story Photo Prompt = cupcake



I was tagged by Paula, of Light Motifs, to write something about this photo. Thanks, Paula!






keep a cupcake in a box

do not feed it to your fox

cupcake cupcake such a teaser

wants to be your tastebud’s pleaser

cupcake frosting icing yummy

cupcake makes a happy tummy

eat a cupcake every day

makes you jump around and say

Yay cupcake!


My name isn’t Alice, but I could swear there was a vibe coming from this little frosted delicacy that screamed, ‘eat me’.

I shouldn’t …I can’t … I want it…I won’t …

Looking left and right, I reached out my forefinger, taking a tiny swipe of the sugary topping. Be strong, don’t put it in my mouth…uh-uh…I’ll die if I do.

My mouth watered, my stomach growled, my breathing was fast. Thoughts swirled around my mind, just as the icing swirled around the contours of the cupcake. Just one tiny taste won’t hurt anything. I inhaled a faint strawberry and vanilla essence. mmmm so good.

No resistance left…I tasted…


They found me the next morning, dead…but, a happy smile on my sugared lips.



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