I looked back to see when I posted the last random post, and it was about a month ago. It’s time for another one!

So far, these have been a look back at all the different jobs I’ve had over the years. I’ve been through the 60s, 70s, and 80s, and these next ones are, I believe, from the very late 80s, and early 90s. I’m putting all these together, as they are all about the same kind of work.


Yes, I have been a telemarketer for several different companies. I know, I know…telemarketers are annoying as all get out. I don’t like to get those kind of calls, myself. They come at all hours, and at bad times to receive them. They finally did make a law, saying we could not make calls before 9 in the morning, or after 9 at night. Then there is the no call list. Sometimes these work, sometimes they don’t.

Anyway, my time in these jobs were some of the best. I really enjoyed making those calls. And, if I do say so, I was good at it. I got lots of sales, and appointments set.There were many times I’d get someone on the line who was rude, made nasty comments, hung up on me, ranted about the calls, and all kinds of things. It didn’t bother me at all. I thought the worse they were, the funnier they were. And of course we’d share what was said, to our fellow workers, so we could all have a laugh.

Some of the perks of the job for me were…it was only part-time work. This worked out good, while the kids were in school. We’d get cash bonuses for making the most sales in the day. (yes, I got a lot of these). We could also chit-chat with each other in between calls. I got a lot of writing done, in between calls. My fellow workers were all fun and friendly. Some companies let us smoke, eat, watch TV, or listen to music (some would even bring in music tapes to play on the cassette player for us all to listen to). There were nice lunch and break times. The bosses I had on all these jobs were nice, fun, and enthusiastic. All in all, I loved telemarketing!

A couple of funny stories were… I volunteered to drive a coupon booklet to a customer in another town. When I got there, I knocked on the door. I could see the lady asleep on the couch, but there was lots of smoke coming from her kitchen. I kept banging away at the door, until she woke up. She hollered and ran to put out the fire. So, I probably in a little way saved her life!

Another time we workers were all being silly, while still making sales, and the boss just laughed and said he’d completely lost control of us! That was pretty much every day, though.

One call was very strange. The person who answered just said in a professional voice, “Destroy this number. Erase it from your memory.” Now, they could have been just putting me on, but the way my imagination runs, I took it that I’d dialed some super secret, clandestine government number! Who knows!

One more…this was during the time when answering machines were very popular, so lots of times we’d get a recording…and lots of them were funny. One that I remember was to a household with the name Adams. Their recording was of the TV show’s intro to the “Addams Family”. πŸ™‚


So, I’ll list the ones I remember…I know there were more, but at the moment I can’t recall them all.

  • Coupon booklet sales (local businesses put it together). I did several of these jobs at different times (Merchant Checks and Super Savers)
  • Home Improvement companies (to make appointments for a representative to come give the person an estimate on roofing, siding, and any re-modeling) These were Circle A Siding, and Community Builders. I worked at Circle A, both in the place, and at home.
  • Telephone/City Directory (calling to update information that goes into these books)
  • Supplemental Insurance
  • Olan Mills Photography (setting up appointments)
  • Silverback Gym (offering specials for gym memberships) …this is the one I mentioned in an earlier post, about working for a gorilla! Their logo was a Silverback Gorilla.

That’s all I remember, but I know there were some more.

Anyway, I enjoyed them all. Remember, the telemarketers are just doing their job, and not really trying to make you mad. πŸ™‚


I think there is one more job to post about. It’s a pretty cool one! πŸ™‚ That will be next time.


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Just thinking about fire. You know when you are thinking of something and you say your thoughts are on fire, or when you’re writing something, and it is going really good, you feel like you are on fire with the words pouring from your mind, this is a good thing, right? I guess it is a bit of a cliche, or just a figure of speech, to say or hear the words someone says to you, when you are getting things done at a good pace, “Wow, you’re really on fire, today!”

Everyone knows we are not literally Β on fire; it’s basically a compliment…I think. But, have you ever really been on fire? I would hope not, and my prayers go out to anyone who has been. However, I have been on fire, sort of…my hair caught fire one time.

It is a funny story, now, but at the time it could have been worse. It was on my birthday, a few years back. My daughter had made me a super cool cake, made from Krispy Kreme doughnuts, covered in chocolate frosting. I leaned over to blow out the candles on top, never noticing my long hair had caught on fire. I heard sizzling and everyone started hollering and hitting me! Well, that’s just great…a great way to wish someone a happy birthday. Then, I heard what they were yelling, that my hair was on fire! Well, it didn’t do too much damage, and we did laugh about it, later. The cake was delicious, too!

Another time I encountered a fire, was when I was doing telemarketing. It was for selling those local coupon booklets. The company promised delivery of an order within minutes of placing one. This day, though, the drivers were all out on calls, and I volunteered to drive the booklet out and collect the money…but, it was to the next little town over. I knew I could do it, though, and I hurried over there. When I got to the house and knocked at the door, no one answered. The main door was open, just a screen there, and I could see the lady. She was asleep on the couch. The only thing was, was something was on fire in her kitchen! Smoke was coming out of there, and I kept hollering for her to wake up. Finally, she did, and ran in there to put it out. She was happy I came by when I did. I collected the money and left.

This next time, me and my husband were traveling down the highway, between towns. It was very seldom we saw a house or farm along this stretch of road. The weather was dry, as usual, in Texas, and the grass was all crispy brown like it gets at times. As we passed along, we saw a small wildfire just getting started, out in these people’s field, coming closer to their house. The lady of the place was frantically trying to smother the fire with a blanket, but needed help. We pulled over, jumped out of the car, and helped her put it out. A couple of more passersby did the same. Glad we were able to help.

Well, another time, I did catch the stove in our government housing afire. I forgot the cinnamon toast in the broiler, and it went up in flames. I called the fire department, who came with sirens and lights. The whole neighborhood came out to watch. Our stove was toast! Kaput! There was a write up in the newspaper about it, later, and was a bit embarrassing that my lack of focus concerning bread in the oven (a bad habit of mine) had caused such a commotion.

Those are the fiery thoughts I had today. Hope you have had better luck with fire!


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Ring, ring, ring….”Hello?”

“Hi, I’m calling from xyz company. It’s your lucky day! You’ve won the chance to buy a wonderful discount coupon book.”

“No, thanks.”

“Who was it?”

“Another one of those telemarketers!”

How do you feel about telemarketers? They’re annoying, right? They call at all hours, interrupting people’s days, and dinners. Most are trying to sell you something, or maybe asking for a donation to a charity.

The telemarketers talk fast. It’s hard to respond, even to tell them ‘no thanks’. They try to make what they are offering sound like something you really need…or maybe that you’ve been selected for a special prize. They want to make a sale, and try to keep you on the line long enough to convince you to buy.

What do you do? Do you politely say ‘no thank you’, then hang up? Do you make an ugly, mean comment and then slam down the phone, or end the call abruptly? Do you insult the telemarketer, just for doing their job?

I know all the above happens all the time. I have been that person, doing that job. Yes, I was a telemarketer. I loved it, and I was good at it.

My adventures in telemarketing goes way back. It started with discount savings booklets, and ended with making appointments for salespersons to come give an estimate on house siding and remodeling.

Those phone calls were so much fun to make. I suppose it gave me a thick skin, learning to deal with rude remarks. You name it, I’ve heard it. Why do people feel it is ok to be rude to someone on the phone? Is it bacause they can’t be seen? I don’t know, but I was never tempted to be rude back to them. In fact, if they didn’t slam the phone down, I could sometimes break through their rant, and actually turn it around, making a sale.

I usually did have a script to read from, to impart the necesssary information, but beyond that, I could ad lib whatever I wanted. I enjoyed the conversations I’d have with people, even if it wasn’t work related, and even if it didn’t end in a sale. But, lots of times it did. The script gets boring saying it over and over all day long. I know I’d try to hurry through, before the person hung up on me. If I could get it all in, then the fun would be in the ad libs, and genuine conversation. That is the real selling skill you need…not just in the facts. I surprised myself with being able to do this. Maybe it is because of the anonimity of not being face to face.

Now that I think of it, it’s a bit like the social media is today. You are able to converse, to sell your ideas to others, in order to have followers and maybe the snippets of conversation lets you get to know someone a little better. To me, that is why I enjoy social media. So, back to telemarketing…there is a short window of time when Imageyou are waiting for a person to answer their phone. I sometimes used that time to write…just a little at a time, in between the calls. I wrote lots of short pieces of fiction this way. Only once was I told to put it away. I suppose most employers didn’t mind, as long as we made sales…and I did.

The atmosphere in the call room was fun, too. We all laughed and joked, and ate snacks. There were contests run by the boss. We would get bonuses and prizes and such, for making the most sales in a thirty or sixty minute period of time. Yes, we were getting our job done, and it was fun at the same time.

So now, when a telemarketer calls our house, I’m not rude to them, and I don’t just hang up. I sometimes get a conversation going, telling them up front that I won’t be buying what they are selling, but I enjoyed talking to them, and that they are doing a great job.

Next time you get a call, just remember…the telemarketer is usually a really nice person, just doing their job.

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