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Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Dom


Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Dom

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Sept. 29/18


For today’s SOCS, Linda has given us the prompt of ‘dom’. Thanks, Linda!

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “dom.” Use it as a word, or find a word that starts or ends with it. Have fun!


seldom know what I’m going to post on here until I find myself actually doing it. I’d say mostly I do random things. That’s one good thing about having a blog…we have the freedom to write about anything we want to, or anything that interests us.

Sometimes, to avoid boredom, I make up lists of things I remember. Here’s one…can I name all my elementary school teacher’s names? Let’s see.

  1. Miss Prather…she was very nice
  2. Miss ? then she got married & became Mrs. McIlroy … I got in trouble a lot with this one
  3. Mrs. Pistol … an older woman, but nice.
  4. Mrs. Jackson … one of my favorites (took our class to her house one time – very fancy)
  5. Miss Herman  … nice, but we got in trouble a lot…she had a dog named Trebataw, then got another named Dee O Gee
  6. Mr. O’Neal … fun teacher & loved to talk about his time in the armed services

It’s funny how I can remember all that, and I have trouble remembering even what we had for lunches this past week! It actually took me awhile to think of these! Could be we had…

Friday – tuna fish salad at home

Thursday – chicken sandwich (from leftovers of the night before)

Wednesday – Jr. cheeseburger at What-a-Burger place

Tuesday – Homestyle pot roast at Cast Iron Grill – (family gathering for a birthday lunch)

Monday – ??


So, that’s all I can think of at the moment.

Happy Saturday, hopefully with no boredom! 🙂


Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

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19 SOMETHIN’ – SEPTEMBER CHALLENGE – DAY # 1 19-somethin_sidebar_button


This is a new challenge, hosted by Suzanne McClendon. It runs for the whole month of September and consists of questions and answers. To find out how to join in, just click the above link. 🙂


Here’s Day # 1 Question:

What movie could you, or did you, see over and over again when you were a teenager?

I didn’t go to a whole lot of movies back then, but this is one I remember was my favorite. I’m pretty sure I saw it a couple of times at the movie theater, and I’ve watched it many times on TV since then. I still love it.

The movie I’m talking about is…”To Sir With Love”. It came out in 1967, and starred Sidney Poitier. It was based on the semi-autobiographical novel by E. R Braithwaite (pub. 1959). It features a lot of good pop music, and Lulu, a prominent singer, sang the title song. It also featured some music by the Mindbenders, a band from the same time. Funny story…a friend and I saw the Mindbenders in person, when they came to our town for a concert. We didn’t get to go to the concert, but we did go out to the airport to greet them when they arrived. We were thrilled to actually see them, of course! 🙂

Here’s the movie trailer from the movie. Did you go see this one? Enjoy!



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