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A to Z BLOG CHALLENGE – LETTER S 4bd62ad9-ea74-4273-967b-7c426c911c61 IMG_2360

Today we have the letter S to write something about.


Letter S is for…Surfing

Have you been surfing? I have, once…and if I remember correctly, I couldn’t even get up on the board! 😉 But, surfing is a big time sport, and it looks like everyone has fun while they’re doing it, unless they wipe-out.

Surfing has provided many musical artists to write and sing songs about it. One duo was Jan and Dean. Back in 1963, they came out with “Surf City”. It was written by Brian Wilson (of the Beach Boys), and Jan Berry. This song, I believe, was the very first surfing song to hit number one on the charts.

That same year, The Beach Boys had their own surfing song. It was “Surfin’ USA”. It was written by Brian Wilson and Chuck Berry,  and seemed to define their unique style, as they had many more with the same subject of surfing.

A really good book about the hey-day of the 60s and 70s, and the great rock bands that were touring, is “When We Get to Surf City”, by Bob Greene. He spent several years, touring and playing music with Jan and Dean. This was in the 90s. He met up with many of the bands and groups that were still touring after all these years. It was quite the adventure, with a behind the scenes look at all that it took to tour. I’d recommend reading it, and there are some wonderful photos included.  (sources: Wikipedia, Amazon Books, and my own copy of the book).


Here’s the two songs I mentioned! Enjoy!




Mystery Box Chickens going surfing?

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