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One Word Photo Challenge: Crop


img_4115 img_4116 img_4117 img_4118

This is the progression of my little ‘crop’ of the summer. I planted some birdseed, to get the grain, and some sunflower seeds, to get the pretty flowers. A few are still blooming out there.

Thinking of the word crop, for this challenge, several other things came to mind.

  1. Crop circles … I’d like to see these in person. I think aliens do them all over the world. Such intricate patterns! Maybe they have some secret meaning?
  2. Crop duster airplanes … We’ve seen these a lot around here, spraying the crops. The planes are fun to watch, swooping really low to the ground. Once, we had a dog who would run up and down the back yard fence, barking at the planes. We lived right by a couple of cotton fields. It was funny to watch him, thinking he’d catch the plane or something.
  3. I’ve been to a ‘cropping party’ for scrapbooking. A group of ladies get together, bring their photos, and other scrapbook supplies, and make a party of it. There’s usually refreshments.
  4. An old saying I’ve always heard is, ‘come a cropper’. Now, I always thought it meant the farmers had a good and profitable crop that year. Turns out I was wrong. I looked up the definition of the saying, and it means to fall headlong from a horse, or to suffer some misfortune. Now I know! 🙂


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