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Cee’s Pick a Topic From a Photo


Cee’s Pick a Topic From a Photo

CMMC – November Pick a Topic from my Photo


This is a sort of new challenge from Cee (it used to be regular feature), where she gives a photo, and we pick something from that to expand upon.

If you’d like to join in, get details, and see other entries, just click the above link.

Here’s the photo from Cee

The picture shows a little girl holding a stuffed animal, so I went with some stuffed animals that I have. They are Beanie Babies.


This little stuffed toy is a Ty Beanie Baby and is a Puffin Bird. He is Black, orange, yellow and white. The tag says his name is Puffer. 😉


A couple of tiny tigers from my Beanie Baby Collection. The black & white one’s tag says his name is Blizzard. The gray & white one has lost his tag, so don’t know his name. He also had to have a bath today. For some reason he had what looked like mud all over him. 🙂


This is my Ty Beanie Baby red Cardinal bird. The tag says it’s name is Mac.

He is a pretty deep red color, with black around the face, and black feet. There is a big bunch of red feathery like material on top of his head.


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