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JUST JOT IT JANUARY # 30 and SOCS untitleduntitled

Today for JJIJ the prompt word is to use ‘an’ as a word, or a word that has ‘an’ in it, and make your post with that. I can also use this post for the SOCS post (Stream of Consciousness Saturday).

Find out more about these by clicking below:

Just Jot It January 30th – An- #SoCS



And, here it is late afternoon,

And, I have been trying to think of something to write, using

An…and, have come to the conclusion that I haven’t thought of ANything.

ANyway…here’s some words that start with the letters ‘an’…

Anxiety – I have it

Antiques – I like them

Animated – Sometimes

Annoying – Probably

Angel – Nope, not me

Angry – Hardly ever

Animals – Love them all

Any-hoo – That’s all I’ve got 😉

Oh, one more thing… I am in ANguish…I’m coming up on the end of a 2 book series. I’ve really loved reading these, and wish there would be more. 😦 Now, I’ll have to find ANother book to get interested in. What do you do when you come to the end of a book you like so much? Do you jump right into another? (if you’re like me, you have stacks of ‘to be read’ books)

Thanks, Linda, for ANother wonderful prompt! 🙂


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JUST JOT IT JANUARY – # 16 … SOCS untitleduntitled

What am I doing today? It is Saturday, and I need to do the daily Jot post. The word of the day is “What”. That’s the prompt to use. It’s also the prompt word for SOCS, which stands for “Stream of Consciousness Saturday. Haha, it took me a bunch of tries to get the spelling of consciousness right. Kept getting that red squiggly line underneath. Not sure if we should look up spellings?

Anyway, this is the first time I’ve done SOCS, but have been reading about it for quite some time. It happens to coincide with JJIJ today with the same prompt word…what. It looks funny the SOCS…like I’m trying to write ‘socks’ 🙂 … the deal is, we are supposed to write/type without any planning on what we are going to say/write about, before we start. In other words, just write whatever comes to mind, and see what it turns into.

I do this all the time, in my head…a steady stream of thoughts (consciousness), and when I write in my notebooks, too. It just seems a bit weird to make a post out of them.

I have no idea what to say about the word ‘what’. It’s a question. What are you doing today? What is the weather like? What do you want for dinner? My answers to those questions are… reading, typing/writing, cold, and stew. Oh, and doing the laundry, which you could call doing the ‘washing’ 😉


This fun challenge is for Just Jot It January, and Stream of Consciousness Saturday, and both can be found by clicking below:

Just Jot It January 16th – What #SoCS


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