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Produce Test – SOCS – Product/Produce


Produce Test – SOCS – Product/Produce



Our Stream of Consciousness prompt today is the words product/produce. Thanks, Linda!


When I need some fresh vegetable or fruit, I don’t say I need a produce product. I just name the item I want, like I need some apples, or potatoes, and that’s that.

Then, there’s the photo of some vegetables sitting on a shelf (below the surveys sign) at the grocery store. I just thought it was funny/odd, because of the little sign over the produce, which says ‘produce test’. There was no other explanation. The fruit and veggies looked fine. I suppose it was to show how a fresh one is to look, but sounded like they were in school, being given a test! I had the clerk, who was working behind the customer service counter, take the photo for me, with my phone. She was nice to do that. 🙂

click photo to enlarge

Imagined conversation between produce:

Mr. Green Pepper: Hey you on the right … Mr. Garlic … What’s this test for?

Mr. Garlic: I’m not sure, but I didn’t study for it.

Miss Nectarine (to the left): I didn’t study either, but I’m cute, so I’ll pass the test.


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