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Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Difference


Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Difference




Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “difference.” Whatever the word “difference” conjures first in your mind, write about it. Enjoy!


I always like these little ‘Spot the Difference’ games. Most times I can find them all, but sometimes they are harder than they look.


What else …?

Some things that are the same have different words for it, such as – couch

What we have in our living room to sit on we call a couch. However, it can also be called a divan, a davenport, or a sofa. If there is a difference in the size of it, it can be called a settee, or a love seat. Still talking about basically the same thing in all of these words. Strange isn’t it!

Now for something different …

When I’m asked to make a choice of say a TV show to watch, and I don’t really care at all, I usually say it makes no difference to me. That is the truth, because I really don’t care which one is on. I barely pay attention to the shows anyway. The mister watches whatever he wants, and it is just background noise while I’m over here reading and blogging. haha!


Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend! ❤


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