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Today for SOCS the prompt word is ‘admit’, to be used however you wish. Join in the fun of this weekly writing exercise, and see other entries by clicking the above link. It’s fun! 🙂



We’ve all seen and had those little tickets that say ‘admit one’. They can be for all sorts of entertainment venues. Here’s a fun memory from when I was a kid. My grandma worked at our local amusement park, in the ticket booth. She worked there for many years. My grandpa also worked for the parks department, I think in maintenance . Anyway, every year there would be a company get-together for all the employees. It was held in the park, right next to the amusement park.

We could bring a picnic lunch. Oh, it was for all the employees and their families, so we all went…all of us…aunts, uncles, cousins…the whole bunch of us. So, we’d bring our picnic supper, because it was held in the late afternoon/evening. There would be home-made ice cream provided by the management, and some kind of entertainment, too. I remember one year they had a group of Native American Indian dancers, performing.

After awhile, each family in attendance would be given huge rolls of ride tickets. They said ‘admit one’ on each ticket. Of course everyone trooped over to the amusement park, which was called Joyland, to ride the rides as much as we wanted. All for free! (actually, we could go pretty much any time to ride for free, since grandma worked there), but this was a special night, and so much fun.

My favorite ride was the carousel with the pretty horses. I loved horses, and would pretend the one I was riding was real. I never wanted to get off that ride, and sometimes (when I was younger) would have to be dragged off, kicking and screaming, and crying! haha … but, I never acted that way when I was older.

We still go to Joyland sometimes. We go with our kids, and our grand-kids, because they sure do like to ride those rides, too. Joyland still has all the regular rides they had, plus a lot more. I do ride a few of them, even now, just not the spinning around ones. 🙂


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