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Stream of Conciousness Saturday – SOCS – DATE



The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Aug. 20/16


So, today’s Stream of Conciousness Saturday word prompt is ‘date’. We’re supposed to write about a date, some dates, the date, and really, I’m not good with numbers, or dates. I can remember some people’s birthdays, and anniversaries. But, I’m usually late for the date in sending them a card, because I forget to do that in time. I can remember our phone number, if I think on it a minute. Sometimes I have to look it up.

All these challenges we do on the blogs have dates they come around to get done in time. It gets confusing. If I didn’t see a notice on email, or see someone else’s posting, then I wouldn’t remember when to do it, or if I’d already did one for the week.

I have a habit of checking the date on food. You know, the expiration date. If it goes past that, I throw it out. The mister thinks that’s silly, and the date on there is just a suggestion, and you should just go by if is still smells good or bad. Me, I don’t want to take any chances, so out it goes.

There was something else I was going to say about dates. Oh, the fruit? Is it a fruit? I always did like them, but I don’t eat them any more. I know I saved some of the seeds to plant, but forgot to do it, and found some really old ones that I’d stuck back to save. I did plant some pomegranet seeds before. They make the cutest little plants! Now, when dates are picked they pretty much stay the same, dried out date, right? You still call it a date. So, why is it, with other fruits, they get named something else after they get dried out? Like grapes get a name change to raisins, and plums get a name change to prune. Sometimes cucumbers get a name change to pickles. Do you know of any more? I think I wrote a whole post about this one time. Can’t remember what I called it, though, but it’s here somewhere. It still bugs me, that some fruit gets special recognition when others don’t

Well, before this gets a name change into ‘why the heck am I writing about shape-shifting, name-changing fruits’, I’ll sign off.


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