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For day #17 in the Writing 101 course, we were to look over our social media for ideas to write about. These included unfinished blog posts, Twitter favorites, Face Book posts, and any others you might have. One suggestion was to try a site called Poetweet … I tried it out, and found that it finds some of your recent tweets and forms them into a strange sort of poem. It was so fun, and I kept laughing at the silly way they put them together. Here then, is mine…


13 pint jars, 13 broken served…

Answer…Ghost Hunting 101…

Of the duck egg has been solved! 🙂

You really want to be remembered?

In the aisles of the grocery store.

Time. They would be murdered.

Of bone. The cannibals laughed…

Promised death to all it touched.

The sinkhole swallowed them all…


Here’s another one…

Grocery Store

You may ask, how did I get here?

Take, my fate stays the same…

Of all mankind reflected there.

There, but really it’s pretty tame.

I never get email confirmation

The sinkhole swallowed them all…

Disgusted with her hesitation,

His pride, he made one last call

Answer…Ghost Hunting 101…

Doled them out, one to a lifetime.

Lifetime, actually do something.

Solitaire, before his killing time.

Have been texting and driving 😦


There were some more, just as strange.

Next I looked through my Twitter favorites that were saved. I picked a bunch of random words and phrases, to put together as a sort of weird story. I found most of my favorites were from the Friday Phrases game I participate in every week. Lots of the ones I favorite are the strange, weird, and funny ones. That seems to suit me and most of my blogging, also. Here is how it turned out. 🙂


Good morning. It’s 11:11. I’m here in purgatory, killing time…Souls condemned to die by fire.

We have to update our files…priorities…

You can’t put into words…give me a sign, the spell…a paradox…

Build a bridge to the sky, but all our demons are busy for a month.

What do I wear? Bed socks?

If you’re reincarnated, we are not alone…

That voice, vibrations…Oh, my God, he is so close.

Maybe they’d catch the anxiety monster.

Need some TLC and my Dorito.

Thinking of you,

Love, and a Ghost Hug


So, hope you enjoyed the funny poems and story. Why not give Poetweet a try if you have a Twitter handle, just for fun!

Thanks for visiting! Peace }I{