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Mystery Noise


Mystery Noise


For the past few weeks we’ve been hearing strange noises.

It sounds like it’s someone walking around or bumping the ceiling when we are out in the garage.

I hear it early in the mornings when it’s still dark outside, and also during the day, and at night.

I just hear it out there, not when we are in the house, just the garage.

It might be up in the attic, or even on the roof, but I don’t know.

Could it be birds on the roof? I’m thinking no, because the birds we have around here are not large, and wouldn’t weigh enough to make a sound with their feet. They aren’t active at night anyway.

Could it be cats on the roof. Possible, but the outside cats we have now are just not that energetic to climb on the roof and I’ve never seen them up there. We have had cats that did, in the past though.

It couldn’t be squirrels, or raccoons, because we don’t have those around here either.

Once I thought it might be the wind blowing the shingles on the roof, but I’ve looked outside when I hear the noise, and the wind isn’t blowing at all.

This might be strange, but I think it’s our ghost, or another one has come to pay a visit. There are no other noises, though … just the thumping sound.

Here’s the opening to our attic that is out there. There is nothing at all stored up there, and we never go up there.


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