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Hamburger Burglar


Hamburger Burglar


This is my sort of correct drawing of where the burger place was. We lived where the houses were, then there was the small grocery store/drug store/beauty shop/gas station on top of a cliff. Homer & Ella’s burger place was down below the cliffs in the area we called the canyon.

Here’s a true story that happened when I was a kid. It was slightly funny at the time, but kind of strange.

We had a favorite place we’d get hamburgers to take home. This was the days before fast food restaurants, so this place was just a small mom & pop place for take out food. It was called Homer & Ella’s. I don’t know why, but they were the best tasting burgers I’ve ever tasted, even to this day.

Most times on a Saturday late afternoon my dad would go pick up some burgers for our evening meal. On one occasion, on the way back home, he stopped in at the little drug store or grocery store at the end of our street. He left the sack of burgers on the front seat of his car.

When he got back in, the sack was gone! Someone had burgled the burgers!

So, he went back to Homer & Ella’s to get another order and brought them home, where he told us the story of the stolen burgers.

There was one more incident later on, where I started eating my burger, and there was no hamburger patty in there! Had to make another trip to the place that time, too.

Then another year, 1970, the F5 Tornado blew through the city, and Homer & Ella’s was blown clean away, along with the little grocery/drug store and gas station at the end of our street.

I still miss those hamburgers.


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