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All Lined Up – Photos


All Lined Up – Photos

“All Lined Up” Photo Challenge


Here’s a fun challenge that runs for a short while. It’s called All Lined Up, and can be a photo of anything that is in a line.

It’s hosted by Judy Dykstra-Brown, of lifelessons,  and you can find out more by clicking the above link.


Green, red, and blue birds on a wooden perch.

Yellow diagonal stripes on pavement

Many concrete stairs


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CEE’S WHICH WAY CHALLENGE cees-which-way-1

Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge – August 17, 2016


One of the best trips I ever went on was to the area of Ft. Davis, TX. It’s in the far south west of the state. Spectacular views everywhere in the triangle of the towns of Ft. Davis, Marfa, and Alpine. Marfa, of course, is where we saw the famous Marfa Lights. McDonald Observatory is one of the world’s largest telescopes, and they have a very nice visitor’s center, and hold star parties. Indian Lodge is where we stayed. Very rustic, and wildlife is everywhere. We saw many deer, and there were birds of all kinds. Wild javelinas roamed around, and we were told to beware the black bears. In the middle of the night I went outside our room, and for real, thought I saw a chupacabra! (probably a raccoon, though) 🙂 Then, at one point we had to follow the road crew, and weren’t allowed to pass. The sign on the truck says ‘pilot car – follow me’.


Highway in TX near Ft. Davis


Sidewalk leading to visitor’s center at McDonald Observatory, Ft. Davis, TX


Sidewalk at Indian Lodge, Ft. Davis, TX


Following a road crew truck


Escalator at Barnes and Noble Books



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