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Spooky – Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Organ


Spooky – Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Organ

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS July 21/18


Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “organ.” Talk about an organ or base your post on the theme of them … or one. Have fun!


So here we go, with the new prompt word of the week. It is ‘organ’.

I’ve been trying to think of something to say about this. I don’t want to write about organs, as in body, or organizations, or organizing, but I will.

Body organs = if they keep taking them out of me, I won’t have any left

Organizations = I don’t belong to any now, but I was a Girl Scout for awhile. That’s an organization.

Organizing = I can’t do it. I’m the most disorganized person you’ll ever know.

Now…oh yeah, I forgot about the musical instrument called an organ. I don’t play one. I do have a funny story about one, though.

Years ago, my friend and I were prowling around a big, historic local church. Just us. It was late at night. I don’t know why we were even in there, but we thought no one else was there, and it was dimly lit and spooky. We kept hearing strange and weird music coming from somewhere, so we started exploring. It sounded kind of pretty, but still spooky, when we didn’t think anyone else was there. We looked in all kinds of rooms, up stairs and down in the basement, into shadowy corners, and nooks and crannies. Finally, we found where it was coming from. Some person was playing a giant pipe organ. I guess they were practicing for church services, I don’t know. They didn’t notice us peeking at them, even though we watched for awhile.

At least we thought that’s what and who we saw. Could have been a ghost musician for all we knew. We got out of there, and didn’t speak of it to anyone else.


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