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March Squares – Spikes # 30


March Squares – Spikes # 30

Our penultimate spiky square


Today’s photo is of spiky ice formations.

I make tea for drinking iced tea later in the day, and put it in an old Mr. Coffee glass pot. I put it in the refrigerator. Then, I notice sometimes that ice has formed on the top of the liquid. It looked pretty interesting, so I took some photos, then zoomed it in closer.

I think the ice makes some really pretty designs, which looks pointy and spiky. 🙂


white ice formation on top of brown liquid – looks like an upside down Christmas tree

Ice formations on top of brown liquid – icy spikes look kind of like spiders or bugs

My glass Mr. Coffee coffee pot with tea inside



*Ice, Ice, Baby”, by Vanilla Ice, was released in 1989, from his album, “Hooked”. It was written by Vanilla Ice, Earthquake-Queen-David Bowie, and is on the SBK Records label.



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