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photo found on Pixabay (bfleeson)


photo found on Pixabay (Tyler Vigen)

Sticking with the Random Post’s of some of the many jobs I’ve had over the years, here are two more. These were in the early 70s, in our home town.

First, was at Litton Industries. They made things for the Defense Department, along with other useful items, such as micro-waves, and calculators. My job there was to make wiring harnesses. These would go into airplanes or other government goods. I would get a blueprint/diagram of the harness to be made, choose the right wires, measure, cut, and strip the ends. Then I’d put them together as required in bundles, and in order, to make them fit the printed out diagram. At some point, I’d get to attach the wires to parts of the motherboard, and solder diodes and transistors to the board. It was fun to do all this, and didn’t seem complicated at all. The other workers were mostly women, and we’d sit at a long table while we worked, and we could talk about all kinds of things. The photos are very similar to what we did on this job.



photo found on Pixabay (OpenClipart Vectors)

Next, was Texas Instruments. This is a well-known company for electronics. The area I worked in was called, ‘Light-Up’. We were testing the little pieces of plastic material that goes into calculators. These were the little numbers that show up on the calculator screen when you turn it on. We had to make sure each little piece would actually show up each of the 7 segments of the numbers. We had a simple manual machine that we’d put the number into, pull down the door of the machine, and it would light up the number. If it was good, it went in one pile, if not it went into the bad pile. We were encouraged to do this as fast as we could, and I think I got up to lighting up over a hundred every minute. It was easy and fun to try to beat your score each time. We also got to talk amongst ourselves while we worked, too. Did you know the numbers are all like those in the photo, inside a calculator? Only certain parts are lit up on the screen to form the number you punch in.


Hope you enjoyed hearing about these jobs. I’ll post more soon, as I’ve had lots more jobs, all different and interesting. 🙂

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