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Pick a Topic From a Photo – Weeks 3 & 4


Pick a Topic From a Photo – Weeks 3 & 4

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Week 3 – Pick a Topic from this Photo


Cee’s Photo:

A white tour bus with a beach scene with a bridge, seagull, water & fish painted on the side.


My pick:

Three yellow school buses (they were broke down on the side of the road), and my notebook with colorful fish on the cover.


Pick a Topic From a Photo

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Week 4 – Pick a Topic from this Photo



This is the photo:

Lots of multi-colored fishing buoys hanging from tree branches.


This is what I chose:

Multi-colored cloths hanging from tree branch, plus other Halloween decorations like skeletons (for Dia de los Muertos )


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Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Bone


Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Bone

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Oct. 27/18


Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “bone.” Use it any way you like. Have fun!


The prompt word for today is ‘bone’, and it is suggested for SOCS by Linda! Thanks so much! 🙂


I’ve been thinking bones, bones, bones, what to say about bones?

I have a lot of Halloween poems that has the word bones in them, but then that wouldn’t be Stream of Consciousness writing to just copy one over here, now would it?

Skeletons, chicken bone fortune telling, songs about bones connecting to other bones in the body…yeah…lot’s of things about bones.

My knee and ankle joints pop sometimes when I get up and walk around. I don’t know if that is really the bones popping or something else.

We used to get big ‘ol soup bones for the dogs to chew on. They loved them. We don’t have any dogs now, and I don’t think the cat would want one.

What’s that funny song? The ones that goes …you work your fingers to the bone and what do you get? Boney fingers! haha

I just looked at the video for that song, and it is by Hoyt Axton. There was a cute video, but it was blurry, so I won’t add it here.

Well, that’s all for today.

Hmmm…well, I keep thinking I should add something else on here to make it a better post to read, but some days that just doesn’t happen.


Have a great weekend and maybe some fun for Halloween! 🙂


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Today is the fifth day of posting for the month long NaBloPoMo challenge. What I’ve done today is what I would call a Prose Poem. That is a poem, that is written as prose…a  combination of the two. I’ve also used enjambment…a continuation of a sentence over a line break…a bit of poetic trickery to pull the reader into the next line. This was also posted in dVerse Poets



They need to come together…be joined…connected somehow. How does it work? All

the ideas, the words…the bones? Joining together the words…ripped from your ideas…your soul…

Disjointed, flopping, flailing, clacking, bleeding upon one another…the bones

of your poem.

They all want your attention…to be the backbone…the one that holds all the words in a cohesive oneness.

It’s a group effort. You have to understand – do you?

Place a boneword in the wrong place, it won’t make sense…though some are not meant to make sense, I fear…

At least to me…

Gather them up…all the ingredients. Place them on the page…just so. Does it walk, talk, speak to you, or does it

Fall to pieces in places?

Is there a special magic…a sprinkling of glitter and good luck that is needed? Maybe…

The words are good, the ideas are there, the emotion of the piece is there…yet, all together the

Skeleton of your poem is lifeless…

What is needed is heart…a beating heart, to revive it, to infuse that zing…that spark of life.

Knowledge…a brain…it has lost it’s way. It knows not where it is going…where does it belong?

The knowledge of form and structure…the skeleton…the brain will tell the bones where they belong.

There will be rogues…O loveable renegades…

Some will need to be shoved into place, some will need to be pried out of position…rearranged…

Against their will.

Do it…just do it…whip those bones into shape. Make that skeleton dance.

Dance to the tune of your imagination…

Then…set those bones free.


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