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Ragtag Daily Prompt – Six


Ragtag Daily Prompt – Six



Six Feet Under


Six times six times six, again

Dark and lonely, was I in…

This moldy grave.

Barely breathing, heart still beating…

None to hear my mad-man rave.

Cursed and cast into the void,

For eons have I toyed…

To claim all psyche’s pure and good…

To corrupt them, if I could.

Six feet under, left asunder,

Tricked them, now they’re mine…

They never knew I was immortal,

To rise again…it’s time.

Years of torture, hell’s departure…

Vengence will be taken.

I’ll tempt, and bend, and lure to sin…

And, they shall be forsaken.


~ first posted in 2014 as ‘Deception’


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