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Fibbing Friday – Hearts & Flowers


Fibbing Friday – Hearts & Flowers


These are fun questions we’re supposed to answer in any kind of silly, wrong, or outrageous ways. Just for fun!

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Rose on Google Android 10.0 Heart with Arrow on Apple iOS 13.3

1. Which Hollywood couple met as Mr and Mrs Smith?

Two pie bakers who became famous for the apple pies called ‘Smiths Apple Pies’.

2. Who sang about Two Hearts?

The cartoon dogs in the movie, “Lady & the Tramp” sang about two hearts while they ate spaghetti.

3. Why are red roses associated with romance?

Red roses resemble a red beating heart.

4. Why is Love all around?

Because otters swim around in circles in the water.

5. Roses are red, but why are violets blue?

Because they are very small flowers, whereas roses are large scene stealers.

6. If you were wined and dined by candlelight, what would be your first thought?

My first thought would be = “Don’t catch your hair on fire” (because this once really happened to me)

7. What was Rudolph Valentino’s job before Hollywood?

He used to be the red nosed reindeer for Santa’s team that pulled the sleigh.

8. How did Cinderella lose her glass slipper?

She went to the dentist, and as she left, her shoe fell off.

9. If you were in The Love Boat, where would you be?

You’d be the whipped cream topping on a banana split, singing the banana boat song.

10. Why does Love hurt?

Love hurts because most people forget to wear gloves over their chapped hands.


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Fibbing Friday – Catty-Corner


Fibbing Friday – Catty-Corner



These are fun questions we’re supposed to answer in any kind of silly, wrong, or outrageous ways. Just for fun!

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  1. Why did ancient Egyptians worship cats?

The old days Egyptians were wise. They knew that way in the future there would be a Las Vegas Casino called the Luxor & cats would still be revered.

This is my silver & blue Egyptian cat that came from the Luxor.

  1. Why is it said that cats have nine lives?

Because the cat came back, the very next day, and here’s a song about that.


  1. Why are cats afraid of cucumbers?

Cats are afraid of cucumbers because they are long and green and remind them of a long green snake.

  1. Why do cat eyes seem to glow in the dark?

When a cat gazes at you with glowing eyes, you can be sure he’s sending you a ‘mind message’ … Feed me!

  1. Why do cats have retractable claws?

Because they are magicians, and they can go from soft and sweet to a frightening terror in seconds.

  1. Why do we train cats to use a litter box, but train dogs to go outside?

Dogs love to roam around outside sniffing stuff, whereas cats are big fans of boxes of all kinds.

  1. Why do cats purr?

Cats were bestowed the power of the purr to put a spell on people.

  1. Why are black cats considered bad luck?

Because they yowl at the moon and call in the werewolves on a full moon night.

  1. What is the musical, Cats about?

Probably about those yowling cats at midnight.

  1. What’s the big deal about Dick Whittington’s cat?

Never heard of him, but if he has a cat he’s probably okay.


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All Mixed Up – Fibbing Friday & Just Jot It January # 7


All Mixed Up – Fibbing Friday & Just Jot It January # 7

These are fun questions we’re supposed to answer in any kind of silly, wrong, or outrageous ways. Just for fun!

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Daily Prompt – JusJoJan the 7th, 2020 


Your word of the day was selected by John at The Sound of One Hand Typing. Thanks, John!

Your prompt for JusJoJan January 7th, 2020, is “mix.” Use the word “mix” any way you’d like. Enjoy!


And now for the mixed up questions and my silly answers:


  1. It’s obvious what baked beans and baked potatoes are. But what is a baked Alaska?

Baked Alaska is the result of a topsy-turvy world climate, where Alaska is hot in the winter time instead of cold.

  1. What is a TLA?

A TLA is … an abbreviation for The Long Answer – but I’m only giving a ‘short’ answer here.

  1. What was boombangabang?

That’s the sound made when the wind up monkey boombangabangs his cymbols together.

  1. How would you describe a cornice?

A winning ear of corn at the agricultural fair. It was really nice looking.

  1. Who will be on the back of the new £20 note when it comes into circulation in February?

We don’t have those here, so I have no idea for real, but maybe a Corgi dog? They are so cute.

  1. Where will you be able to buy sky hooks?

Sky hooks can be bought on the ‘Cloud’. It is used to hook all your online doings into one place.

  1. If two’s company and three’s a crowd, what’s four?

This would make it a foursome for a golf game.

  1. Why are squares on a checkers board alternately black and white?

Trick question! They are black and red, and it’s because it’s the colors of our local University.

  1. What happens to all the holes cut out of ring doughnuts?

I eat them.

  1. Why did the rabbit go up the hole, round the tree (right to left) and back down the hole?

Because he got sucked in by a Google search – there’s no way to get out of the rabbit hole & it drives you crazy.


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Fibbing Friday – Q & A


Fibbing Friday – Q & A

These are fun questions we’re supposed to answer in any kind of silly, wrong, or outrageous ways. Just for fun!




  1. What are the halls of Montezuma?

*** A line of porta-potties. Montezuma gets his revenge at the most inconvenient times.

  1. What happened on the shores of Tripoli?

*** Nude sun bathing.

  1. What is a caisson?

*** A yummy meal like a quesadilla, made with bison meat and lots of cheese.

  1. Veterans Day is on a fixed date (always November 11th), but Memorial Day is on a specific day (always the last Monday of May). Why?

*** Why not? Two different remembrance days – two different months.

  1. How did US Marines get the nickname, Jarheads?

*** Because in the Archie comics, the name Jughead was already taken.

  1. How did the term, Dogface become a nickname for someone in the US Infantry?

*** Because dogs have cute faces.

  1. Why was the Sherman tank so named?

*** Because the person who invented the tank was a big guy with the name of Sherman.

  1. What is “Old Ironsides”?

*** Old Ironsides is an old TV show.

  1. What was Custer’s Last Stand all about?

*** It was the last of the chain of custard shops they built.

  1. Why are air-to-air battles called dogfights?

*** Because dogs who are fighting always leap up into the air.


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Fibbing Friday – Holiday Madness


Fibbing Friday – Holiday Madness


These are fun questions we’re supposed to answer in any kind of silly, wrong, or outrageous ways. Just for fun!




  1. Why is this month called “November”?

It’s the month of ‘no’ remembering. It clears our memory of last winter so we won’t compare it to this one.

  1. Why is Thanksgiving always the fourth Thursday of November instead of just being on a particular date?

It keeps changing the date to confuse me about my Thanksgiving birthday. Sometimes it’s on the holiday, sometimes not.

  1. What is No Shave November?

Supplies of shaving cream dwindle to almost nothing this time of year, so people can’t shave until more supplies come in.

  1. What is the day after Halloween called?

Skip school or work day, because you ate too much Halloween candy and now have a stomach ache.

  1. Why is turkey traditionally served at Thanksgiving?

I don’t know, but I wish they’d stop it – I don’t like turkey.

  1. So just what is a giblet anyway?

A giblet is a children’s singing group.

  1. Why are Veteran’s Day, Armistice Day, and Remembrance Day all on November 11th?

No disrespect intended, but the first letter of each of these are VAR – and stands for a variety of special days squished into one day.

  1. Why is November National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo)?

Why is the sky blue? Why is the grass green? Why not!

  1. Why is the day after Thanksgiving called “Black Friday”?

In honor of all the tasteless, dried out, burned turkeys from Thanksgiving having to be thrown out.

  1. Why is the Monday after Thanksgiving called “Cyber Monday”?

It’s the day when all the Cyborgs come crawling out of the closets to cause chaos.


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Fibbing Friday – History Right or Wrong?


Fibbing Friday – History Right or Wrong?



These are fun questions we’re supposed to answer in any kind of silly, wrong, or outrageous ways. Just for fun!

The instructions you can find at the link above.


  1. Why was Eric the Red called Eric the Red?

Eric the Red was called that because people called him ‘Erica’ as a joke. This made Eric blush red.

  1. Why did Christopher Columbus sail west?

Ol’ Chris was directionally challenged. He meant to sail to the Far East.

  1. Who were the Vikings?

The Vikings were spear throwers, which made their hands form into a strange position. Nowadays it’s called Dupuytren’s Contracture. (true)

  1. What is a scullery maid?

A scullery maid is a misspelling – it is really ‘skullery’ maid. She was hired to boil the meat off of skulls.

  1. What is a dumb waiter?

A dumb waiter is a derogatory term for a waiter that gets your order wrong.

  1. How did British sailors earn the moniker, Limeys?

They liked to have limes in their tea instead of lemons.

  1. How did U.S. troops earn the moniker, Yanks?

Back in the old days, when cannons were in use, the troops had to pull on a cord to get it to fire. They had to ‘yank’ on it pretty hard.

  1. What is borscht?

Borscht is a funny word.

  1. Who were the Bolsheviks?

The Bolsheviks were the cotton growers worse nightmare. They were female boll weevils, who produced many offspring to destroy the cotton crops.

  1. What was the original purpose of the Great Wall of China?

The Great Wall of China was originally meant to be a miles long stage for round robin types of outdoor theater plays.


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Fibbing Friday Q & A


Fibbing Friday – Q & A



These are fun questions we’re supposed to answer in any kind of silly, wrong, or outrageous ways. Just for fun!

The instructions you can find at the link above.


The Questions:

1. What is an earwig?

When people get old, hair tends to grow out of their ears, most times … but some need a little help with an ear wig.

2. Do echoes get frustrated hearing themselves all the time?

The mountain Echoes tribe are ancient beings, with their own strange language.Sometimes Echoes say their own words to scare the people who are hollering. They think it’s fun.

3. A stitch in time may save nine, but what happens if you haven’t got a needle?

You use skin glue if you don’t have a needle and thread. Works just as good.

4. What is the truth about cats and dogs?

The truth is, they spy on us. They are always watching and listening, and they gossip about us with their dog & cat friends.


5. Why do they call it a hairpin bend?

Because the hair bands of the rock world were all the rage back in the 80s. Their posters were pinned up on lots of bedroom walls.

6. What is toad in the hole?

Reminds me of a joke from this morning … What do frogs wear in the summertime?  – Open-toad shoes!

7. What are the bear necessities?

Charmin toilet paper, for sure.

8. What is hopscotch?

Hopscotch is a drink combination, made of hops and scotch whiskey.

9. Maggie may and Prudence is dear, but what is Simon?

The judge on American Idol TV show.

10. What are skinny jeans?

They are blue jeans that have been shrunk in the dryer. No one likes this to happen.


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Fibbing Friday – Musical Q & A


Fibbing Friday – Musical Q & A



These are fun questions we’re supposed to answer in any kind of silly, wrong, or outrageous ways. Just for fun!

The instructions you can find at the link below.***



The questions:


  1. Why did the Proclaimers say they would walk a total of 1,000 miles instead of using some other form of transport?
  2. Why did Aloe Blacc say to wake him up when it’s all over rather than before it ends?
  3. What exactly is a big bright green pleasure machine?
  4. Where is Honalee?
  5. Why did the Monkeys say to take the last train to Clarksville instead of an earlier one?
  6. Why did she leave home Wednesday morning at 5:00?
  7. Exactly what is it that sweet dreams are made of?
  8. Why did the Rolling Stones want the red door painted black?
  9. What exactly was going on behind the green door?
  10. Why was there smoke on the water?


My silly/wrong answers:

  1. I don’t know who the Proclaimers are, but I figure they go around shouting & proclaiming all kinds of things they want people to believe.
  2. Aloe Blacc was a succulent plant who didn’t get enough water.
  3. A big bright green pleasure machine is a carnival ride shaped like a UFO. It takes you into space for real.
  4. Where is Honalee? In a galaxy far, far away.
  5. The Monkees took the last train because that was the Party! train.
  6. It’s the mystery of the century that no one has ever figured out.
  7. Sweet dreams are made of peaches and cream.
  8. The Rolling Stones wanted a red door painted black because it was their favorite color.
  9. Behind the green door people were Trapped! in the game where you try to get out using clues.
  10. People thought there was smoke on the water, but it was really just a foggy day.


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Fibbing Friday


Fibbing Friday



I’m late as usual posting my responses to challenges. But this one is fun, so here it is on Monday! 🙂


These are fun questions we’re supposed to answer in any kind of silly, wrong, or outrageous ways. Just for fun!

The instructions you can find at the above link.

The questions:

1. What are Porkies, Chorkies and Morkies?
2. Why did the Wicked Witch of the West melt?
3. Will Smith said ‘I’ve got to get me one of these’. What was he referring to?
4. Why aren’t dumb blondes quiet?
5. Why do they call it ‘High Tea?’
6. What makes a banana split?
7. What happened when the Princess kissed the frog for a second time?
8. What goes best on rhubarb?
9. How is the best way to serve coffee?
10. Why are rock buns so called?


My silly answers:

  1. These are specialty sandwiches made of pork, chicken, and mutton.
  2. The wicked witch melted because it was 120 degrees in Kansas that day.
  3. Will Smith wanted one of those porkie, chorkie morkie sandwiches
  4. Dumb blondes aren’t quiet because they are dim bulbs and want to prove it
  5. They call it ‘high tea’ because in order to properly partake of the libation you have to perch upon a ladder.
  6. A banana splits because it wants to be a cheerleader.
  7. The 2nd time the Princess kissed the frog, she threw up because he had bug breath.
  8. Asparagus goes best on rhubarb, because red and green look like Christmas colors.
  9. The best way to serve coffee is to lob it over a net with a tennis racket.
  10. Rock buns are so called because the chef baked them too long and now they are stale.


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Share Your World – June 12, 2017


Time for another SYW, with questions from Cee and answers from me! Join in the fun, be it reality or fantasy in your world. Click above link to find out details, and see other entries.


What do you do when you’re not working? If you are retired, what do you that is not part of your regular daytime routine?

Take out of body excursions to visit other universes, just to see how alike or different the aliens are from us here on Earth.

What would you do if you won the lottery?

Jump up and down, screaming, “I won!” Then, have to go to the emergency room, because I don’t ever really jump up and down, so I’d be all hurting from all the unusual activity.

What makes you laugh the most?

Trying not to laugh, makes me laugh even more.

What is your biggest pet peeve with modern technology?

Myself, because I mostly don’t understand it.

Optional Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

I’m glad we have had Cee’s questions to answer last week, and the week before, and the week before that, and looking forward to more questions from Cee next week, and the next week, and the next week! 🙂


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