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Day of My Nightmare


Day of My Nightmare


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The creature’s beady, black eyes stare at me without blinking. It’s mouth opens and closes in a rythmic manner……open……close……open……close……then opens in a wide gape almost as big as it’s head.

It glides and floats effortlessly in slinking undulation, slowly at first……then, darts quickly back to stare at me again.

What is the creature thinking, and does it even have thinking capabilities in that tiny brain?    If so, it must be plotting to create my perfect nightmare, for it has invaded my dreams on oh, so many nights.     At any given moment he will gather his minions with a silent summons.

They’ve never carried out a daytime invasion, as it has been very effective in the dead of night, but if it works, this could be their supreme coup d’etat.   They would be renowned in the annals of history.

It is time.

Everyone knows their position and are ready.   There is no turning back.   This will be their ultimate sacrifice.    On their leader’s signal they will rise in unison, up from the depths, to show their solidarity.   They will no longer be captive, no longer be contained.

The glory day has commenced.   All over the world people will be awed and yes, frightened at their audacity to stage this takeover.

There will be no coming back for these brave heroes of their species, but they will have paved the way for generations to come.

Rise up!     Rise up!

Go forth into glory………goldfish of the world!

Hope you enjoyed my nightmare…….yes, I have fish phobia.

Peace, Love, & Freaky Fish

~ This is a true nightmare I have every so often – that fish in aquariums, lakes, rivers, oceans will one day all rise up out of the water and swim through the air … coming right for me!
I don’t have to be asleep to have this nightmare either, just seeing a fish freaks me out and I think this will really happen.
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An Older Post -The Archer


An Older Post – The Archer


From 2014

Just a little story I made up….enjoy!

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“Hear ye, hear ye! May I have your attention, please!” the mayor shouted through the bullhorn. As the crowd of townspeople faced him, he cleared his throat, before speaking.

“Thank you all for coming. We are blessed to be here in this historical city park, today. As many of you have heard, we are here to dedicate our first public art piece. It is a beautiful symbol of our forefathers, built to commemorate…” he continued, as people nudged one another. The mayor was known for being long-winded.

“Get on with it, Mayor,” yelled one man.

“Yeah, unveil the art, already,” yelled another.

Others took up the chant, now…”Unveil the art…unveil the art.”

As the voices of his constituent’s grew louder, the mayor’s speech was cut short.

“Very well,” he nodded to two councilmen, standing by a large, tarp covered, mystery piece of art.

People had been speculating for weeks, even taking bets on what it would be. The time to see it had arrived. As the drape was pulled off, there was a collective gasp from the crowd.

“Oh, my God, it’s so big.” … “That’s not politically correct, Mayor.” …”We can’t have this here, representing our town.” … “It’s an embarrassment.”

Everyone had an opinion, but none of them counted toward rectifying the awkward situation.

“People, people, settle down,” the Mayor urged, again yelling through the bullhorn.  “The artwork will remain in place. There is no more discussion. Please disperse…the meeting is over.”

Some of the people grumbled as they left the park. Others came close, to touch the giant, metal sculpture. Pictures were taken, but as the evening turned into night, the park was soon empty. The only illumination now came from the footlights surrounding the very large bow and arrow.


Around midnight, people were startled from their sleep by a loud sound. As no one watched, the giant, metal arrow was pulled back. It swished through the night air with an earsplitting twang. Rushing from their homes, everyone screamed, as they saw it zoom overhead, over their houses, and trees. Static electricity flickered off the sharp point. It found it’s mark, with a fiery explosion. The Mayor’s mansion was struck, and the structure was fully engulfed.


A week later, the Mayor’s funeral was held. Several speakers delivered glowing speeches, and heartfelt eulogies for their fallen leader. The Mayor Pro-tem spoke of the art piece in the park, and the arrow that had so strangely shot through the air that night. Most everyone in the town wanted it torn down. However, it was not to be. The Mayor Pro-tem explained.

“The arrow had a note attached to it…it did not burn. The note said.. ‘You disrespected my ancestors by erecting cheap art on our land. You will not disrespect them further by tearing it down. If you disregard this message, the arrow will claim more lives, one by one until you all are eliminated or exiled, as my forefathers’s were.’…”

It was signed…The Archer


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Little Devils

Rabbit, Wild Rabbit, Red, Bunny, Animal

image from pixabay

Little Devils


Here’s a short story I wrote way back in 2013, which pretty much no one saw.



They skittered away from me. They always do, the little devils. They are fast. I sometimes catch one, but it’s not easy.

Laughing at my attempts, they form little armies, who taunt me. I curse at them. I get angry, and stomp my feet, then find another weapon in my arsenal, hoping to one day find one that will annihilate them for good.

I’ve learned that they are tricksters. They have many hiding places, and love to skitter out at me…a surprise attack, only to disappear again. To look at them, you’d think they are innocent of any evil intent towards me. I know better, now. I’ve come to believe they have some kind of rudimentary intelligence that aids them in their mission…to drive me crazy.

The ones I’ve captured are disposed of immediately, but it hardly matters. Multiplication of their species is rapid, and they don’t mourn the loss of their comrades.

Where do they come from? How do they get in here? I don’t invite them in; I’d never do that. They are sneaky. If ever you look into the dark recesses of this place, you may catch sight of a few, caught congregating…formulating their plans. I shake my head, knowing they’ll be gone, if I run to get my chosen weapon.

They’ve been around for centuries…their kind. I’m sure of it. They are a primitive sort, yet hardy…impossible to completely wipe off the face of the Earth. I’ve dissected a few, those I’ve been lucky enough to catch. They made no sound, as I pulled and prodded them apart…even as they crumbled into nothingness. I was surprised. Their bodies seemed to disintegrate…a bit of hair, a bit of fluff…as I made sure they returned to the dirty little hell they came from. I shudder at the remembrance of it. I don’t pull them apart for curiosity’s sake, anymore.

I chased one the other day, though. It was skittering across the floor…a tiny one this time. From the corner of my eye, I caught a glimpse of movement. I was lucky, as I had my weapon already in my hand. I smashed the bloodless bugger flat. The only witnesses were the others of it’s kind…already trapped, and on their way to their doom.

Suddenly, I sensed a slight movement, behind me. Whirling around, I dangled my latest victim in front of them. “Hah! Look at your future, you devils,” I sneered. Flinging the deceased into their midst, I scooped up the whole lot of them, before they could react. Their execution was at hand.

As today’s invaders were being disposed of, I heard their final, collective thought…”We’ll be back…”

I sighed, shaking my head, and thought…“Waging war on those little devil dust bunnies is a never ending job.”


Hope you enjoyed this bit of short fiction! Peace }I{

© 2013 BS

Pizza Surprise – Stream of Consciousness Saturday – SOCS – Sup


Pizza Surprise – Stream of Consciousness Saturday – SOCS – Sup

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS July 7/18


Here’s what our hostess, Linda G. Hill, has given us for our SOCS prompt:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “sup.” Use it as a word or find a word that contains it. Have fun!

Thanks, Linda!


So, I quickly thought up some words that have ‘sup’ in them…well, these start with those letters. I’m sure there are more, but I didn’t look up any. Here’s the words I thought of to use:

  • Supper
  • supernatural
  • suppose
  • supreme
  • suppress
  • super
  • supercilious

Now, I’m going to try to make up a silly little story using the words, off the top of my head as I’m typing this.

Pizza Surprise

I decided to actually go out for my supper last night. That is, the evening meal. Pizza sounded pretty good, so I found a place not too far away. It’s a new restaurant that opened up recently, and is called Magic Pizza.

As I entered the funky establishment I was happily surprised. It looked like my kind of place, what with all the cool, hippie type decorations. So far, so good, I thought. I sat at a table, because this was actually a pretty fancy place for a pizza hangout. A waiter approached, bearing an oversized menu.

“For your perusal,” he said. (I thought he was being supercilious to the  max, and almost couldn’t suppress a giggle)

suppose he was just doing his job, though, so I smiled and said, “Super!)

I ordered the kind of pizza I wanted…a Supreme, with everything on it in the way of toppings. When it was brought to my table, it looked delicious…and it was.

Soon, I was full and feeling fine. So fine, I began singing a song, right there in front of everyone. That is so not like me, as I just can’t sing in tune, and normally would be embarrassed to break out in song with people watching me.

What’s going on? I couldn’t stop! Other customers were clapping and singing along with me. Then, the haughty waiter approached me again with the menu.

“For your perusal,” he said (again) and gave me a wink. “Read the small print,” he advised.

I could barely focus on the little words, but realization dawned on me. Magic Pizza…magic mushrooms…ohhh…

I started laughing hysterically at my not so supernatural experience at the Magic Pizza Parlor.

I believe I’ll be coming back again, soon!


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NOW YOU SEE IT – NOW YOU DON’T – for FFfAW photo-20160724072916278


This story is written for the Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers challenge. It is a photo prompt, and should be no longer than 175 words in length. Enjoy!




“There’s his old pocket watch,” I hollered, as I dove for it, tackling it like a pro football player, before it could get away.

My family, I’ll admit, are a greedy bunch of gold-diggers, always looking for something for nothing, as the saying goes. So, when Gramps passed on, the will reading came as no surprise. We were all to gather out at the old homestead for a treasure hunt to beat all treasure hunts.

Gramps had hidden all his earthly treasures, and we had to find what we could. A time limit of two hours was specified. Any unfound goodies were to be donated to charity. So, we all began looking, inside, outside…everywhere.

But, something strange happened. As the items were found, they would be snatched away by an invisible hand, never to be seen again.

“What the heck, Gramps,” we wondered, but kept looking, grabbing what we could find.

When the two hours were up, we had nothing. I swear we heard Gramps laughing from beyond, as we trudged back to our cars.


word count = 175

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