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What Happened to Old Clothes? – NaNoPoblano 2019 – Day # 9


What Happened to Old Clothes? – NaNoPoblano 2019 – Day # 9






You know, sometimes I get to thinking about some of the clothes I’ve had over the years, and wondering whatever happened to them. I don’t still have them, so where did they go?

If they were totally worn out, I’m sure I threw them away. If I was just tired of them, and they were still good, I know I donated them to the thrift stores collections.

But others, I just don’t know.

I remember some for liking them a lot, or because of some memory they hold. For two examples, I had a couple of dresses I hated. This was back when I was in elementary school. I didn’t have much choice in my clothes back then, as my mom bought them, so I wore them.

One was a pretty sky blue shift type dress, with shoulder epaulets of a multi-color fabric. It was okay, but I got teased from other kids that it made me look like a football player with big shoulders. I tried not to wear it very much.

Another was blue and white, dropped waist with plaid. It had a little collar and a plaid tie in front. That was another I didn’t like, because I figured girls didn’t wear ties. I (in secret) yanked on that tie until it ripped the whole thing apart. Never had to wear it again.

Years later, I sewed my own clothes after I learned how. I liked all of them, as they were my own creation. I got to choose the pattern and fabric. I even combined patterns to make original, new kinds of clothes.

I had one dress I really liked, but it got stolen. This was after I was married. I wore it to a relative’s house we were visiting for a week or so. I know who did it – my husband’s cousin – but I couldn’t prove it.

Another thing got stolen off the clothesline. It was a black t-shirt that I’d done fabric painting on, of feathers, and added embellishments of real feathers and beads. A neighborhood kid stole it. Couldn’t prove that either, but his sister told me he did.

Anyway, it’s interesting what remains in our memories.


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I think this is the last former job I’ll post about, unless I remember another one I’ve had. I had a lot of fun with this job.

I read an ad in the local paper, asking for people who like to sew. Well sure, I like to sew, so I called the number. This lady answered. She lived in a tiny town next to ours, and wanted me to come over to see what she had in mind. I went, and found she had a small craft store next to her house. At first she wanted me to take some fabric and a pattern home to make a skirt. I guess this was a trial of sorts, to see how I sewed. I made the skirt, then brought it back. Well, after that she suggested I could sew … sheep muzzles! Huh?

Well, I never knew sheep wore muzzles, but I found out they do. She gave me yards and yards of that soft plastic shade cloth, a little pattern, some elastic, and some of her labels. I took it all home and got started.

This lady and her family raised sheep, and took them to shows at fairs around the area, hoping to win ribbons. They put the muzzles on the sheep so they wouldn’t chew up everything in sight, which they do, just like goats.

Anyway, she said she’d pay me a dollar for each one I made, and there was really no time limit, or quota, so I just worked on them as I wanted to. When I got a hundred made, I’d call her up, and meet her here in town, so I could give her the finished muzzles, and she would pay me. It worked out great.

She also wanted me to sew blankets for the sheep to wear in between showing them, to keep them warm, as these sheep were sheared. The blankets were pretty big, but easy to make. I think she paid me more for these, but can’t remember how much more.

At our local fair that year, we toured the sheep barn, and I did see her sheep wearing the muzzles and blankets that I sewed. Pretty cool!

I did this job for quite awhile, then I guess she had enough muzzles (she also sold them), and the job was over. I had fun doing this! Here’s a photo of one I made, but it is unfinished, and a couple of photos of a finished one and a blanket. I found these last two photos different places, by looking online.


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51 WEEKS/51 SONGS FROM THE PAST WEEK 4 51-weeks-51-songs-from-the-past

51 Weeks: 51 Songs From The Past: Week 4: Village People – Y.M.C.A.


Thanks, Hugh, for starting this musical challenge! 🙂

Back again with another song from the past! This challenge is fun because I like looking up all these old songs. They remind me of what I was doing when they were popular and played on the radio all the time.

So, this song is titled, “Red Rubber Ball”, and performed by the band called The Cyrkle. It was released in 1966, and written by Paul Simon (of Simon & Garfunkle), and Bruce Woodley (of the Seekers).

I think I was about 15 at the time, and was in, or had just finished 9th grade. I took a home-making class in 9th grade, where we learned cooking, and sewing. It was a lot of fun, and they offered a bonus class in the summer, so I signed up for that. It was very informal, but we were learning more about sewing, which I did like. We could listen to the radio while in class doing our sewing projects. (I did make several items of clothing to get me started off going to high school in the fall). This song, “Red Rubber Ball” was played a lot and we’d all be singing along to it. Us being silly girls, we’d all giggle and emphasize the world ‘rubber’. Read what you will into it, but that is my funny memory of this song. 🙂