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Dreamscape Stories # 2


Dreamscape Stories # 2


I was making a scrapbook page, and it was to be about a lady named Dorothy (?).  I wasn’t sure that was even her real name, but it sounded okay. I was thinking it was my Granny’s daughter. I’d only heard about her maybe once before, because she died before I was even born.

I was trying to figure out who she was to me, so I guessed an aunt, because the other daughters were my aunts. My daddy’s sister would be my aunt, right? Anyway, the scrapbook page was pretty.

I had put nylon or chiffon fabric on the top of the page, like a curtain. It was white, or a very light pink. As I was hot gluing the name on the page with colored glue (pink), I kept worrying about the name, and if it was the right one.

Suddenly, there was a lady in the room with me. She looked like a fairy godmother, so I asked her should I put ‘Dorothy – Heaven’ as the title. This was because she’d died a long time ago, and I figured she lived in Heaven now. The fairy godmother lady said it looked good, and besides, it was like the opposite side page in the scrapbook. That was the one I did for the kids, and it’s title was ‘Playground’, and that, to me, meant Heaven. I’d hot glued little flowers on the gathered up curtain fabric, too. I kept trying to get it all to stick.


See you in my dreams? ☮️

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WRITING 101 … EXPAND A COMMENTcropped-seal_v2-03

In today’s assignment #8, we were asked to find a comment we’d made to someone on their blog, and expand it. Write more about our thoughts on the subject. I know sometimes I write a comment, but it is just a short sentence or two. I may have more to say about it, but don’t want to take up so much space on their comment section. So, to keep talking about the subject, I can write as much as I want to, on my blog, creating a post about it.

I recently read a person’s post about creating a group of photos to give to a friend. The subject was owls. She’d take pictures of any owls she came across, such as in the stores she went to. There were all kinds. I thought that was a great idea, instead of buying every one she saw, to just take a picture of it.

Here’s the comment about it that I left:

“What a cool idea! My grand-daughter just turned 2 yesterday, and loves owls, too. I’m going to do this for her! Thanks for the inspiration!”

Short and to the point, right? However, I was thinking beyond that statement, and it would have been too much information on her site. So, here’s my expansion of that comment.

I really do want to do this for my grand-daughter. I see owls everywhere, ever since she’s been saying the word owl, and wanting them. In fact, one of her first words to say was owl.

We’ve bought her several stuffed animal owls, in all sizes, and she loves them. She has picture books with owls in them, and at her 2nd birthday party, the theme and cake decorations were of owls. I think she’d like having some photos of them, too.

Some owls things are so cute, but not appropriate for a 2 year old to play with, such as glass figurines, very small ones, or any with sharp edges. This way she can have a picture collection of owls to look at.

I get so many crafty ideas to do with this, too. It could just be a photo album, or maybe a scrapbook kind of thing, with stickers and drawings. I could also write about where I found them, or even make up a cute story about an owl. There are so many possibilities. I’m going to have fun doing this for her.

It may take me awhile to gather enough photos to do this, but when I do finish, I’ll post some pictures on here, so you can see how it turned out.

What do you think? Is it a fun project to get started on? Maybe you’d like to try something similar…it could be anything you’d like…not just owls. If so, I wish you happy crafting! 🙂


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