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Day of My Nightmare


Day of My Nightmare


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The creature’s beady, black eyes stare at me without blinking. It’s mouth opens and closes in a rythmic manner……open……close……open……close……then opens in a wide gape almost as big as it’s head.

It glides and floats effortlessly in slinking undulation, slowly at first……then, darts quickly back to stare at me again.

What is the creature thinking, and does it even have thinking capabilities in that tiny brain?    If so, it must be plotting to create my perfect nightmare, for it has invaded my dreams on oh, so many nights.     At any given moment he will gather his minions with a silent summons.

They’ve never carried out a daytime invasion, as it has been very effective in the dead of night, but if it works, this could be their supreme coup d’etat.   They would be renowned in the annals of history.

It is time.

Everyone knows their position and are ready.   There is no turning back.   This will be their ultimate sacrifice.    On their leader’s signal they will rise in unison, up from the depths, to show their solidarity.   They will no longer be captive, no longer be contained.

The glory day has commenced.   All over the world people will be awed and yes, frightened at their audacity to stage this takeover.

There will be no coming back for these brave heroes of their species, but they will have paved the way for generations to come.

Rise up!     Rise up!

Go forth into glory………goldfish of the world!

Hope you enjoyed my nightmare…….yes, I have fish phobia.

Peace, Love, & Freaky Fish

~ This is a true nightmare I have every so often – that fish in aquariums, lakes, rivers, oceans will one day all rise up out of the water and swim through the air … coming right for me!
I don’t have to be asleep to have this nightmare either, just seeing a fish freaks me out and I think this will really happen.
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Tornado Weather


photo from TV weather alert about tornado funnels

Tornado Weather


We had a wild little while yesterday evening! We were under a tornado watch that turned into a tornado warning for our city. It was scary, but exciting at the same time.

There were tornado funnels dropping from scary looking clouds all around the area, even within the city limits. The news reporters and storm chasers were broadcasting continually, saying to take shelter.

There was just a little bit of rain, and a few hailstones falling, but not that much. Instead of taking shelter everyone around here was out looking at the storm clouds. My daughter sent pictures, and I took pictures, and even my little 7 year old grand daughter texted me with a picture from the TV of the weather news alert. (photo above showing storm clouds)

My cousin even got a video of the funnel as it formed. Thankfully no funnels ever touched down to the ground.

After a little while everything moved on and we were in the clear again. We are in for another round tonight though. EEK

Here’s a couple of photos of the funnel taken from his FB posting of it from his video, plus a couple that I took of the clouds over our neighborhood.


And a photo from my daughter’s house, too.


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Just Creepy – Q & A


Just Creepy – Q & A  halloween-witch-3702171_960_720

Game on – series 2 – Just Creepy


Here are some fun and spooky questions I found over at ‘A Guy Called Bloke & K9 Doodlepip.


Q1] Favourite all time creepy monster or villian?

The Fiend, which was a brain that attacked people. It was an old B & W movie around 1958, and gave me nightmares for a long time. I’ve never forgotten it.

Q2] Pumpkin Pie or what is your favourite pie at Halloween?

I like pumpkin pie, but we don’t usually fix a pie for Halloween.

Q3] What is something you most assuredly wouldn’t want to bump into in a darkened alleyway?

A dirty, infested dumpster.

Q4] Have you ever dabbled with the dark side .. l don’t mean Bloody Mary either l mean Ouija?

Yes, both, and more.

PQ5] What’s your most favourite Halloween movie that you just have to watch over, and over and over again every Halloween? [Link Please]

Hocus Pocus.


Q6] Are you superstitious? [How so?]

Not really, but I will knock on wood sometimes.

PQ7] If you found yourself trapped in a horror movie which one would it be?

Hocus Pocus, because it’s a little scary and a lot of fun.

Q8] On the subject whilst we are here, have you ever played Bloody Mary?

Yes, and scared half the kids in the neighborhood, who ran screaming out of the house.

Q9] Oh golly jeepers, you have awoken in the night to hear footsteps in the house .. who you gonna call?

No one. I’d get up and investigate.

Q10] So it’s dark and creepy, and you have just been dared to visit the local Cemetary would you do it?

Yes, in a second! Our local cemetery is known to be haunted, but I’ve never had a chance to go out there at night.

Q11] After watching a scary flick, can you just go to bed, or do you have to do something cheery first?

I’d just go to bed. Movies are just pretend.

PQ12] It’s Halloween, you are music master at the party, what are your first five songs going to be played to kick start the night?

Abracadabra – Steve Miller Band

Ghost Busters – Ray Parker, Jr.

Symphony for the Devil – Rolling Stones

Thriller – Michael Jackson

Purple People Eater – Sheb Wooley


Q13]  Favourite all time scary creepy spooky book?

The Demonologists, by Ed & Lorraine Warren. I had to get it out of the house, and couldn’t finish reading it. Actually, I did later on finish reading it, but still scared me.

Q14] You have been invited to the ultimate Monster Mash party and it’s fancy costume – who are you going as?

A witch. I almost always dressed in costume as a witch when I was a kid, and even later on.

PQ15] Are you doing anything for Halloween this year? If so what?

Handing out candy for the kids who come by trick-or-treating. I’ll put out a few decorations like my ghost tree.

Q16] You are a juinor witch going onto ‘sleepaway camp’, you have to take a familiar with you and your choices are:

Black Cat ***






What are you going to pick and why?

Black cat. Cats are cool, and we have a couple of black cats already.

Q17] You have been chosen to make the tea cakes for the party and they have to look spooky what are you going to make?

Round tea cake cookies with icing to look like spider webs.

Q18] How old were you when you saw your first horror movie – what was it – provide link?

The Fiend on TV (see above) when I was 7 or 8. At the movies the first one I saw was called, “Gorgo”, who was a dinosaur, or sea monster.

Q19] Are you easily scared?


PQ20] Are you deleting any questions, if so which ones?


Q21] It’s Halloween, you have three choices which do you pick? Party, TricknTreating or staying at home curtain closed watching spooky stuff?

Staying home watching spooky stuff.



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