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OCTPOWRIMO – 31 POEMS in 31 DAYS – # 1- 7


OCTPOWRIMO – 31 POEMS in 31 DAYS – # 1 – 7 octpowrimo2016c

Playing catch-up with the OctPoWriMo challenge. This is October Poetry Writing Month, and we are to write a poem for each day in October. I’ve done the challenge before, and it’s a lot of fun. This time our prompt words are listed in the photo above, for each day.

Since I’m starting late (computer problems), I am combining the first week’s  poems in this one post. They are short, and hope you enjoy them. 🙂

Mostly my poems will be along the lines of spooky/scary because October is Halloween month!


Day One – Time

“Hounds of Time”

The hounds of time nip at our feet

Propelling us on to a savage beat

We walk, we run, we stumble, we fall

Yet, rise again to reach the end of it all


Day Two – The Void

“Lost in the Void”

Avoid the void at all cost

You will find that you are lost

All your sins for you to face

When you’re trapped in the

Nothing place


Day Three – Sparkling


Sparkling stars up in the sky

Stars in heaven, way up high

Light your way, light a spark

Look at them now, before all goes dark

Sparkling stars assault your eyes

Look at them now, before they (you?) die


Day Four – Purple

“A Purple Panic”

As purple panic fuels your fear,

Hobgoblins are drawing near

Bats and banshees hover close

Ready to administer a frightful dose

Now purple panic has set in

The night of terror will begin


Day Five – Sharp


Sharp the fangs

And red eyes pierce

My wicked visage

Is most fierce

Look not upon my face of fear

Lest you feel me rip and tear


Day Six – Tantalizing

“Terry Eats”

Beautiful fall day

Terry the tarantula

Tantalizing prey


Day Seven – Tasty

“Blood Meal”

You may think it strange

Tasty is the blood I drink

I am a Vampire


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