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Three Things Challenge # 27/28


Three Things Challenge # 27/28


Today’s prompt: divorce, umbrella, octopus


Today’s prompt: nose, Alabama, sailboat


Divorcing myself from living on land, I bought a sailboat. My goal was to just follow my nose, have fun, and  sail to all kinds of interesting places. I started sailing off the Gulf Coast of Alabama on a sultry summer day. The waters were calm, and there was a breeze just right.

When I anchored here and there in my travels, I’d sit on deck under my umbrella. It was relaxing to just take my time to read, write, or sip some refreshing drink. When I got tired, I’d go on scuba diving tours. I hoped to someday see an octopus in among all the beautiful tropical fishes of the deep waters.

It’s a good life, and I’ve never regretted exchanging land for the open seas.


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