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Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Run


Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Run



Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “run.” Use it as a noun, a verb, use it any way you’d like. Enjoy!


The prompt is ‘run’ and you know what – I don’t run – ever. I can’t even remember running when I was a kid. If I did, I probably fell down, being as clumsy as I’ve always been. I had fun riding my bike, skating, jump rope, pogo stick and things like that, but no running.

I hated P.E. in school because sometimes they wanted you to run. I wouldn’t do it. I hated those awful ugly gym suits, too. They were blue shorts, with a short sleeved top. Oh so ugly … and you had to have the shirt tucked in, and it had a collar. I don’t ever do any of those either. No collared shirts, no tucked in shirts, no short sleeved shirts, and definitely no shorts – ever. Except we had to in gym.

Oh does anyone remember wearing nylon stockings? We used to – with a garter belt to hook them to. This was before panty hose was invented. The stockings would get a ‘run’ in them, which was a snag, or a hole and the ‘runner’ would go all the way up and down the stocking. Sometimes you could catch it in time, and put a dab of clear fingernail polish on the run, and it would stop it. Of course later you’d have to peel the polish off your skin. Fun times – haha – not!

Well, enough of this run on thinking. Gotta run … nope … not gonna happen. 🙂


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